Musing || Things I will miss about Nigeria, this summer. 

It’s my first summer away from home, and I’m feeling quite sad about it. As much as I’m excited about spending my summer here in Europe, I know it’ll never be the same without going to Nigeria 😦

So this morning as I was speaking to my friend, I started to reminisce about all the times I had gone back home for the summer and I realized there’s so much I’m gonna miss out this year. Cries in Keke napep

Ekpang Nkukwo- If you’re from Akwa Ibom/ Cross River state in Nigeria, you’ll understand that this is a meal anyone cannot just pass up. Every time I go back home, I eat this meal everytime like my life depends on it. My God, very awesome.

Ekpang Nkwukwo is one of the Nigerian cocoyam recipes made with grated cocoyam, water yam, cocoyam leaves and periwinkle. It is a Nigerian food recipe native to the South South Eastern Nigeria, the Cross River and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria. Ekpang Nkwukwo is so special that it is reserved for special occasions.



The weather- Oh God, Nigeria is hot oh! But this place I’m in is hotter than hell! 

It’s 33°C here but it feels like 200°C ! In Nigeria, the heat is there, but at least there is small breeze. Ahn ahn! All in all, the weather in Nigeria is just too awesome. I’m even fresher there (skin and hair flourishing all the time)

Going to the market- When was in Nigeria, I used to dislike going to the market. Especially when you go with a grown up, you know you’ll stay there the whole day-all the haggling with sellers,walking like 500miles from shop to shop looking for a certain product. Some sellers catching your hand and calling you “my color”-lol

I used to dread it, I probably still do, but I also looked forward to the small chops and buka food I’ll eat after all the shopping. I know I will miss that this summer.


Abacha, my sister’s favorite ..yum!


My family- Ah, mummy and daddy! Nothing is better than being home and hearing your mum’s gist in the kitchen..or daddy’s gist in the car on the way out. I’m still a baby to my parents and as much I like to “form” independence, I always look forward to being home with my parents and just chilling without stressing to make decisions about anything. And then my siblings, there’s no boring time with any of them. Every time spent is with laughter, teasing, and just playing everywhere. I will definitely miss them 😦

Corn and Pear- Need I say more? This is the best thing since sliced bread 😋😋

Just look at that beauty. How can I miss this? 😭😭😭

Hmm infact, I think I should do a full post about Nigerian foods that should be tried! 

Driving – Yes, driving. There’s just that liberating feeling about driving in Nigeria, especially when I know that I can go anywhere, and be there in a less stressed condition. Plus I can play mad songs and feel a different experience than just listening on headphones/just watching tv. I’m definitely going to miss that.

Not spending money – Major advantage of being home? You don’t get to spend your money, if even earn money for staying home 😂(pocket money sturvs). Now I’m here thinking that I don’t get a break this time cause I have to feed myself still, and if I go out I’m spending more money. Whereas if I were home,there’s free food, free transport, free everything! -Thanks mum and dad! 😀

Keke Napep/Okada rides – Imagine, I’ll be missing this sweet experience of sweet breeze blowing me on bike, my heart constantly in my mouth because my dear riders will be riding like they’re in fast & furious. Lol-gonna miss that!

I bet there’s still a lot more I will miss about Nigeria, but Im ready for this experience here, I have some things planned out, places I’ll love to go to, and I’ll definitely put it up!

Okay, that’s all for now lovely people , let me know your thoughts…and also, if you’ve not been home in a while, what suggestions do you have for me? help a sister out 😀

Thank you!

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  1. Great one, if your looking for stuff to do since you cant go back home, I would say explore Europe some more. Visit the places you would love to see but never had the time!!!

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