Lifestyle || Some self care tips ✨✨

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a great week so far, I have had the laziest week ever(pretty much stayed in bed and watched Netflix all through) -living the life, or so…I think….

Anyway, I was on tumblr and I saw these really nice tips which I think I could use to switch up my life a bit. And of course, being the nice person I am, I thought to share to my lovely readers.
So here goes…


If you wouldn’t speak to your friend like that, don’t speak to yourself like that.

Your body is your hallowed ground that will be with you through your entire life – so be gentle to it. Wash it tenderly, give it lots of water to drink, eat a little slower, stretch it out and try to avoid exercise that physically hurts you.

Anxiety and stress can be tempered by breathing through the abdomen, rather than the chest. Let the area below your ribs rise and fall as you breathe deeply. Feel the air move up and through you.

You might spend the entire day in bed feeling low, but so might two hundred and sixty one other people across your city. Go easy on yourself. You are never the only one.

Consider simple ways to feel better when you’re feeling down. Lay in the sun for half an hour and let your skin drink vitamin D. Play with a pet for a little while. Do something small for someone else, like hanging your roommate’s washing out, or wheeling your neighbours’ bin to the curb, or buy a small gift for your mother.

Some days, putting the washing on and vacuuming is your mountain to climb. Other days, a career-defining presentation or dream-job interview is your mountain to climb. The size of a task does not dictate the difficulty. Accept this.

Your immediate past can dictate your mood. A night spent drinking or on drugs will always mean a heavy come-down the next day. A night spent eating wholesome, real food and getting enough sleep will likely leave you energised and pleasant the next day. Choose wisely.

Find your bottomless well of self-esteem and better position yourself to access it. If it is cooking, do a grocery shop or find an interesting recipe for dinner. If it is drawing, set up a sacred space for that purpose alone. If it is running, clean your runners and download a new playlist. Make your self esteem well easy to drink from.

Via Emma

What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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