Lifestyle || What’s in my bag?! ( Fall Edition) 

Hey guys!

It’s been the longest time (its been almost two weeks but seriously, it feels like a million years) what have you all been up to?

Today, I wanna share something I’ve always wanted to do, but never really got around to it – a what’s in my bag post! 

I haven’t really been carrying a big bag around these days, only because I have been carrying my books in a separate folder and I’m just really into small bags at the moment. I got this lovely brown shoulder bag from Bershka and I haven’t been able to let go <3.  Also, I did a fall edition because like the seasons change, the contents of my bag changes as well.

Okay I’m talking too much.

Here’s what’s in my bag at the moment.

—> iPhone and iPod 

I have these where ever I go.. I listen to music all the time on my iPod plus I use my phone for virtually everything. My iPod screen is completely shattered though,  and I’m embarrassed to show you guys. Lol

—> My Notebook, Pen and Glasses 

I started putting down ideas wherever I go, and I also find that being traditional(writing it down) is actually much better . I wear my glasses most times anyway, so it’s more on my face than in my bag :p

—-> Lippies, Wipers, Scenters (is this a word?)  

I’m a sucker for mini perfumes and chapsticks. So I carry one around everywhere I go.

This season, I’m using Givenchy’s very irresistible mini perfume. I love the scent because it’s very floral and elegant. And the smell of roses tend to gradually move from spicy and piercing to warm and comfortable – lol I know, I describe smells so well ^_^

I carry around a lipstick too (pink this week) incase I have somewhere to go and I need to look like I’m alive somehow.

Tissues for emergencies of course.

Hand cream to keep my hands moisturized at all times. Especially this season.

So there you have it, all the contents in my bag so far. As you can see I don’t carry a lot in my bag except my essentials. Do you have similar contents, or do you think I’m missing something?

What are your must haves for your day to day life? Feel free to link me your “what’s in my bag posts” I’d love to read them.



    1. Haha, I was nervous as well but I figured, what’s the worst that could happen? Plus I kinda cleared out my receipts. But it’d be interesting to see yours, and your million lipsticks! Haha! Thanks for reading 🙂


    1. omg! I’m literally fan girling right now, I’m your biggest fan Cassie! thank you for checking out my post. plus I love your blog planner…I’ll check out what’s in your bag. Thank you for your comment.


  1. This was a fun post to read.. Powder and powder brush to touch up occasionally, lipstick or gloss, pen, notepad, wallet(containing my ATM cards and small cash. A sister can’t be stranded oh),phone, sunglasses (during the summer), mini spray, gum, comb, hand sanitizer.. Although they change depending on the season like you mentioned.

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