Let’s Talk || Can your social media make you a victim of crime? 

In light of scary things that have been happening recently, especially since fashion week began, I feel the need to talk about how the social media has affected our safety.

First it was about Gigi Hadid and how she was picked up by a “prankster” and then was blamed for hitting him. And then the biggest news so far- Kim Kardashian being robbed at gun point in Paris and then blamed for showing her jewelry on her various social media outlets.

I think it’s something we’ve gotten used to, victim blaming is nothing new and it’s an issue we are all too aware of.

But rather than get into the problematic culture of blaming the victim always- people actually wondered why nobody “pulled the trigger” -( Now, I know social media is scary), can we also look at it from another point of view?

Few days before this robbery, Kim posted pictures with her jewelry and even brought her security guard to limelight by tagging him in a post online. Now, when Kim shared all these posts, how was she to know what could happen? I don’t think its her fault for getting robbed. It could have been any one.

Because this kind of things don’t just happen to famous people, any of us could have been Kim. 

They always say be smart and careful about your social media, but we don’t really think about it often. How many times have you uploaded a picture on snapchat/Instagram and let your location be known? Or shared a few pictures of your favorite purchases, including jewelry? Some people have even done a snapchat tour of their home. We don’t think twice about it.

Another thing we should consider is that not everyone on social media is like us, not every one has the same opinion, or goals.  Some people are on social media for negative reasons. To steal passwords, deceive people and look for easy targets.

 According to the EO Network, a whole host of information can be used against you. Including your name, date of birth, hometown, relationship status, school location, pet names, GPS coordinates and more. Social media crimes have risen exponentially, not just cyber crimes, but real-life crimes that are linked to social media.

An infographic by Credit Sesame says that 78% of criminals use Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to target properties. 74% of those use Google Street View to case properties.

Does that scare you? 

If it does, then I think it’s time to do a social media cleanse. But, before you jump online and cancel all of your social media accounts, consider that there are ways to be smart about what you share and who you share it with. E.g. only post your location on Instagram after you’ve left, do not share private information online, don’t show off your belongings if people know your location..be careful who you add, and who you show things to.

What do you think about this? 

In what ways can we do a social media cleanse, and somewhat avoid social media related crimes towards us? Please let me know in the comments section. Let’s talk! Thank you for reading.



  1. I just don’t think that it’s right to be showing off online. Well except promotional purposes but anyways anyone is entitled to their opinion.


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