Hey lovely people!

First of all, Happy November!!!!!!

It has been a busy time for me since October, so much so that I almost find it difficult to keep up with blogging but as I said in my last update,  I am determined to keep blogging no matter what! This is my baby and I have to take care of it.

So without further ado, these are the current things happening in my life.

Currently, I am:

WEARING:   Jackets, sweaters and boots. Its autumn ( my favorite season by the way ^_^)





ADMIRING: Grace Alex and her blog! I love her fashion sense and her spirit, I just stay on my phone and stalk her Instagram all day.


WISHING:  I had a phone right now, I thought life without a phone was easy, but it really isn’t. I have so much to document through pictures sometimes, only to realize I have nothing to capture that moment with. It sucks -_-    I’m thinking I should get the iPhone 6s Plus.

What do you guys think? Could you recommend a better phone or you think I’ll do just fine with this? 

DETERMINED TO: Stick to my blogging schedule despite the odds, also to make this blog more diverse and “worth reading” – I’d like some honest reviews on the blog too, I want to be better.

CRAVING:  Pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. I could get it now, but I’m too broke and lazy :)))

EXCITED TO:  release new stuff from me 😉 #staytuned

FEELING: Very positive and great. It’s been a good period for me, I’m loving life right now 🙂

READING : Nothing in particular, I have been reading a lot of blogs though, and inspirational stories online. Link below if you have any ideas on what I should read, could be your blog too.

PLANNING: To read early for my exams so I don’t end up too stressed out when the time comes.
WATCHING: Again, nothing in particular (I know, I’m boring). I just watch random episodes of greys anatomy or whatever is on the tv at the moment. Sorry guys, student life is not that easy 😦

LISTENING TO: This great playlist by my friend on Spotify. It has all the jams I love, both old and new. It’s a good mix for me at the moment.

So that’s it people, what are your thoughts, whats happening in your lives right now? Hit me up in the comments!

Also, follow me on INSTAGRAM to see more updates :*


26 replies on “Lifestyle || Updates on Ash #2

  1. Quoting you from your first paragraph, ”I am determined to keep blogging no matter what! this is my baby and I have to take care of it”, … Those words are so encouraging girl, very powerful..

    Combining academics and blogging, i know how tough it is. Keep it up girl


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  2. The 6 plus is definitely a good phone in regards to camera usage. I mean the 7 is a tad bit better but really the 6 is pretty equivalent and will be cheaper! I would be so lost without my phone so kudos to you for going so long without it!

    I’m not much of a TV person but if you do need a suggestion of something good to watch; THIS IS US on NBC 🙂

    xo, JJ

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    1. Yeah! I’ll weigh my options and by next week I should decide, thanks for your suggestions! It is difficult but it also allowed me to concentrate on other things lol …And I’ll totally check out that series, I’m so bored 😅. Thank you!

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  3. I have a feeling we have the same taste in music so how can I get my hands on that spotify playlist. I stalk Grace Alex too and a whole lot of others. I can be the president of the #stalkersSociety. By the way I’m #stayingTuned. How is autumn your best weather tho?

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    1. Haha..just click on the underlined word and it will take you there. Lol don’t worry we all stalk, that’s what I spend my night time doing.
      And yes, Autumn is my best weather because it’s cold but not freezing cold, I can be lazy by wearing hoodies all week and no one will complain and tea! I can drink tea all day long and no one will think it’s weird because I love tea. Lol


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