Hi lovelies!

Its blogmas #2,  and I’m so excited to bring you my favorite Christmas playlist. These are the songs & artists I like to listen to at Christmas and they always make me feel so so festive..

Without wasting too much of your time, here are my favorite playlists on Spotify and YouTube 🙂


Image result for that's christmas to me

Oh, pentatonix…my loves! what would I do without their Christmas music? honestly? Their Christmas album last year was seriously one of the best I listened to..up to the point that I even forced my church to play during the Christmas party..haha! my best track is their original song, “that’s Christmas to me” and you can watch/listen on youtube HERE  and you listen to the full album on Spotify HERE 

And good news, they’ve released another one this year..and trust that I have already overplayed  every song on that album!

My favorite is the first single, “hallelujah” and you can watch thatHERE  and listen on SpotifyHERE#A GLEE CHRISTMAS

Where there’s Ashley, there’s GLEE! I mentioned everything about them in THIS POST :p

Image result for glee christmas season 5

Usually, I prefer the glee covers to some original version of songs, and their Christmas album makes everything better for me…It gives me a different vibe  during Christmas.

You can find the playlist I managed to scramble on Spotify HERE and on YouTube HERE &HERE  😉


Please, please..what’s Christmas without Michael Bublé ?? Just hop over and listen to one of his albums on YouTube HEREand on SpotifyHERE .


I just discovered this “Christmas is coming” playlist last week and fell in love! listen on Spotify  HERE

So that’s pretty much it, my favorite playlists for the season 🙂 ..Thanks for sticking around today!

Wanna know what’s next? Its here -> BLOGMAS #1 || welcome to BLOGMAS + schedule 

Which was your favorite? Do you have favorite playlists you cannot spend Christmas without? Let me know!

Love & Light,


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