GOODBYE 2016 || 2017, LET’S DO THIS!

What a year it has been! Its just a day to the end of 2016 and sitting here, I’m just thinking of how adventurous and surprisingly good this year has been. Yes we have had several ups and downs with global issues and political bu-ha-ha everywhere (Nigeria, wyd? ) , but I’m still grateful for all the experiences this year.

This is a really long one, so grab a cup of your favorite drink and read on. I hope you enjoy it and stick around to the end!


Most Memorable Moments of 2016

I’ve had so much memorable moments, but the best ones have to be when I moved to a new city to begin life, and also when I reconnected with old friends this year. Those were fun times and I’m so happy to have experienced them.

Biggest Accomplishment of 2016

I would say one of my biggest accomplishments this year was to finally kick start the process for a business I’ve been planning since a long time. I will hopefully reveal it in 2017.

I have also come a long way in terms of personal development.

Also, my blog has really gone far in terms of views and consistency and engagements. I’m really happy to have people who are interested in what I have to put out here on THE ASH TREE blog. Thank you, I’m so grateful to everyone.

Embarrassing Mistakes of 2016

Hahaha omg!!! This year has had its round of bloopers. First of all, with finding a “bae”, this year didn’t really work out well in terms of that.  After a few weeks I’m just like..

Image result for joanne the scammer that's over it's cancelled

Plus, later in the year, I really planned on going back home to Nigeria, but you won’t believe that after I had made so many plans and envisioned all the food I was going to eat, I missed my flight! I MISSED MY FLIGHT!!! How did I miss this flight, you may ask. Well, I miscalculated the days. I knew it was on the 11th but I thought the 11th was next week Friday and not Wednesday this week. You can imagine how shocked and embarrassed I felt when I realized the silly mistake I made. I couldn’t even ask to rebook the flight or anything. I just remained in Hungary. And it wasn’t fun at all. sobs


Biggest Obstacle of 2016

I’d probably have to say myself. I know that sounds strange but I have been really hard and critical on myself, trying to make every thing I do perfect, and with this I shied away from many opportunities this year, just because I thought they wont come out perfect. But then I  realized that I had to let loose a little bit, and stop being so stressed about opportunities that come to me, and be confident about the decisions I make. Things don’t have to be sooo perfect all the time. Just do your best and leave the rest.

Regrets of 2016

I don’t know, I don’t really regret anything this year. If things didn’t go as planned, I might have regretted it for a few seconds or minutes days..but as someone once said to me, “never regret anything you do because in the end, it makes you who you are.”

Most Memorable Phrase of 2016

haha I have a lot of memorable phrases this year. the ones I always love saying are “lawl” as in, I pronounce the word “lol”

Another phrase is “e go better” ..which translates to “it will be well” .

all weird phrases, now that I think about it. Hmm.

Lessons learned from 2016

  • Finding yourself and working on yourself to be a better version of you is a serious investment you need to try.

  • Staying positive in every situation makes dealing with negatives a bit easier.

  • God will never give up on you!

Check out Reflections || 22 life lessons ✨ 

Favorite Bloggers in 2016

This year, I really got serious about blogging and also branched out to different niches and I discovered amazing bloggers. I have sooooo many favorite blogs its impossible to list it all in this post. I figure I’ll make a different post about it in 2017 🙂 What do you think?

Goals for 2017

I know my resolutions for last year weren’t that hard to achieve, I pretty much stuck to everything. But this year I don’t want to say I have the same resolutions, the same old go to the gym,  bla bla bla ..instead, my (personal) goals next year are to :

  • Get out of my comfort zone.
  • Learn a new skill (I’m thinking a more vocational skill like sewing or hair making) whoop!
  • Learn a new language ( I’m thinking of going to learn French again, although I read somewhere that Spanish is the most popular language to learn-wow)
  • Expand my friendship circles.
  • Keep a more minimalistic lifestyle. I found this really cool website for beginners who are trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle and you can check it out HERE


What has your 2016 been like? Share, I want to know!:)



What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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