Hi lovelies! (I should think of a special name to call you guys, Ashlites? Lol-cringe)


I hope the year is going well so far!

On today’s post, I want to share the simple ways we can show love to one another this year, which is very important because lately, there has been a lot of bad things happening around us in the world, and I am most concerned with what is going to happen soon if we keep terrorizing each other and increasing the hate 😦

I mean, love makes the world go round, innit?

So here are some ways you can simply spread love, and the good thing is…it does not cost anything!


Volunteering is a great way to spread love. No matter how small the content is, it could be offering a hand to do something, or simply just giving out help to someone who’s in need of getting things done.



Notice people fishing for compliments about their looks, achievements, profession, etc?

Feed their egos and tell them they look good or what they’re wearing fits them!

Obviously compliments should be sincere and you shouldn’t lie, just be more generous with it and give it whenever you have the opportunity!


  • SMILE :

    This is a personal favorite because I believe a smile goes a long way in spreading love wherever you go. I love this one because I consider myself a smiling machine, I make it a point to smile at people, whether they are strangers or not. And whether they smile back or not, I know that the task is complete!



If you rarely vocalize your appreciation for those in your life (speaking to myself here -guilty! ) , you should consider your position on that. Everyone loves to know that they’re appreciated and I can’t think of anyone who gets tired of being praised for their impact in your life.

As practice, think of everyone who has brought value to your life. Your parents, significant other, close or not so close friends, colleagues, teachers. Etc. and write to them, saying how much you appreciate them. You could even add a specific time they did something so good and you’d be surprised to see that they may have even forgotten it. Imagine how happy they would feel if they knew they showed you kindness and you made their day with that little note of appreciation.



This is coming from a personal perspective because it’s one of the things I struggled with at one point in time. What I’ve learnt is that even if you never want talk to them again, the world will be a better and more loving place if you let go of whatever resentment you may have held/are holding towards them, and you will further free yourself emotionally in the process!
So that’s it my lovely people, 5 simple ways to spread love. And it don’t cost a thing

( Remember that J.lo’s song- ‘Love don’t cost a thing’? )  😀



61 thoughts

  1. Ashlites sounds cools too 😉 happy new year love. Ur post z so true, a lot of pple are goin thru a lot already so making dem loved will go a long way. I love complimenting pple bcos i know how I feel when pple do same to me, forgiveness too I’ve bin letting go of a lot lately I’m super proud of myself ryt nao.

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    1. That’s great dear, forgiveness is a hard thing to do and you deserve to be proud of how far you’ve come so far. And yes, compliments really do work wonders, don’t they? 😀 thank you for reading and I’ll consider the “Ashlites” haha 🙂


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