Hey guys!

So we all know how horribly cold this winter has been, I mean, we have had cold winters but this one is colllllddddd  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Because of this, I have devised a few hacks to help me survive the cold..its pretty easy too!

So grab your cup of tea and lets get to it!


My first hack is the bottle in a sock hack! have you ever been so cold but its more like an internal feeling? the heaters are on, the whole place is warm but you are just a cold bunny? Don’t worry, I got you! I tried this one time when I was at my apartment, I found a hot water bottle so I filled it up and held it close to me. I was warm guys, it was so good, and I started using it all the time. However, if you do not own a hot water bottle, this is an easy DIY.

You will need : A water bottle (and old PET water bottle works fine) and an old furry/thick sock.

What to do :

Fill up the bottle with warm water (not boiling hot, as this may be way too hot and could melt the bottle?) , take your bottle and put it in the sock and voila!  -You’ve got yourself a warm hug buddy ๐Ÿ˜€



Okay. Have you ever gone to bed and woke up the next day and can barely smile because, cracked lips? I usually wake up with such dry and cracked lips and it isn’t really the best feeling. Well as I talked about in my last post ( SKINCARE || LIPCARE ESSENTIALS FOR BEAUTIFUL, KISSABLE LIPS ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) , there are certain essentials we need to keep those lips looking and feeling #blessed!

A new hack I have been trying is applying Vaseline to my lips right after scrubbing with my DIY lip scrub before bed and I wake up with better feeling lips. Yes to that! dsc08889


Yes,yes people, your feet are just as important this winter as in the summer or any other season. I actually saw this on Pinterest a few years back and it has stuck with me ever since. If you suffer from dry feet, no doubt, all that shoe wearing and stuff can take a toll on your feet.

You will need : Coconut oil, a sock (again!) , and a plastic bag.

What to do :

Take a pint size of your coconut oil, or your favorite oil. Rub all over your feet, wear your plastic bag over your feet as in the picture and wear your socks over them. Go to bed as you would normally and wake up in the morning with super soft feet.

Pretty easy, isn’t it? You can also do this with your hands using gloves ๐Ÿ˜‰


Have you ever gotten into your bed only to realize its cold in there? And you have to shiver for a bit under your covers hoping for your body warmth to do its thing?

Worry no more! If you have a blow drier, this hack will come in handy for you.

What to do :

Plug in your drier next to the bed, lift off your covers and blow your bed for a couple of minutes, then jump in!

Be careful not to burn your sheets by taking it too close to the sheets or your cover!

So my dear lovelies, these are the simple hacks I have been using to get through the winter so far.

Have you tried any of these hacks? Do you have any hacks you use? Comment below ๐Ÿ™‚