TheAshTreeJournal Rants | Are women really that dramatic? 


Please this is a rant. This post does not mean to hurt anyone. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do not despise the opposite sex. In fact, I love them.

But sometimes, I can’t just help but wonder..but why call us dramatic for reacting to a news that clearly warranted that reaction?

Back story : 

I was out with my friend one time, and as we were having dinner, there was a couple beside us arguing. The woman kept telling her husband “why didn’t you tell me before?” – I wondered to myself, why didn’t he tell her what? 

Apparently, the man had a 10 year old daughter with another woman and he didn’t tell his wife until that night. From what I learned, he knew about his daughter 5 years ago and had kept it from her up until that night. And they have been married for 7 years. 

When the woman started crying and asking him why he would keep such news from her, he asked her why she was “over reacting ” 

I nearly ran mad just listening. 

To this guy, he had the right to keep the news away from her because 1. They have no children of their own. And 2. He wanted to decide the best time to tell her. 

Excuse me sir, you actually thought the best time to tell your wife you have a 10 year old child is to bring her out to a PUBLIC place and drop that sort of news on her? I’m guessing because you knew what her reaction would be and you didn’t want her to act so alarmed, you brought her to a public place to play it safe and tell her she’s overreacting when she’s is so shocked. nice one. 

But you knew about this news for 5 years, 5 YEARS! Your daughter is 10 years old.

Did you think she would suddenly congratulate you on having a child and forget that the man she has been married to has kept such a secret from her?

I bet she should apologize after everything, for embarrassing him in a public place. Hmmmmmm.

Yes, I agree, sometimes we tend to act a little overboard. But only just a little. 

But, do women really like drama? Do women LOVE  drama? A lot of guys tend to think so.

Here’s the thing : A lot of times, as much as you think it’s the contrary, women don’t actually cause drama for drama’s sake. It’s not a big conspiracy that we secretly love drama. No we do not.

It’s also not true that women constantly seek drama in their own lives though, women want happiness just as much as men do. But women are also in a more fragile position than men, so we have a few concerns that men lack.

It is one undeniable fact, women are the ones in the more vulnerable position in relationships. We are always hoping for a relationship, in need of emotional reassurance, chasing after commitment, chasing after a family, and constantly rechecking our partners for their loyalty and devotion.

The reason is just that men are always in control and calling the shots. 

If you think women are so dramatic still, here’s how you COULD react to the situation : 

  • Definitely, at that point in time, DO NOT tell her she is over reacting.


  • Do not apologize just to shut her up. Trust me, you’ll only be getting more drama.


  • Don’t try taking her to bed. Her anger does not mean she wants to have sex with you, dumbass. Wait till it’s over then the make up sex may or may not be awesome. Dunno.


  • Seek understanding and try to talk it out. If you were right all along, please explain yourself nicely. If you find out you were wrong, then apologize.

I realize that after this post, some people might think I’m being biased (but what did you think?) and may come for me but as always, it’s always love out here, I don’t mean to hurt anyone!

Drop your comments in the box below, let’s discuss, ARE WOMEN REALLY THAT DRAMATIC?

Love & Light



  1. Hmm.. this was an interesting read.. but I think yeah, females tend to slightly “overreact” but it’s cause they get heavyily emotionally invested, not always but usually. And I think guys just need to understand this and handle situations with this at the back of their minds. Cause at the end of the day it’s not her fault that she cares so much about you. So I think Ashley was on point with the steps to handling these scenarios as a guy.

    Plus,trust me if most females don’t overreact when situations like these come up then she probably doesn’t care about you as much as you think she does.

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