Hi friends!

It’s that time of the year – yes, love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Hate it or love it,  Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate love with the ones you love the most (your significant other,your girlfriends, family and even your own damn self). From going on romantic dinners to gifting chocolates to being allowed to be incredibly cheesy. Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? 😍

I thought I’d do something fun on the blog today in honor of the love season and answer some tag questions about first dates (and just incase you’re thinking of taking me somewhere, this would be a great way to know what I like -bonus points for you! )

Let’s get to it, shall we? Here are the questions :

  • 1. How long does it take you to get ready for a date?

It all depends on what kind of date I’m going for, but I would say maybe an hour or two. To get my hair, and makeup on fleek while listening to music as well (I feel like music makes me slower because I spend more time dancing than getting ready haha)

  • 2. Whats your idea of a perfect first date? ( Drinks, Adventurous date, Dinner or Movie?) 
    I would say maybe drinks or an adventurous date (one where we actually get to do an activity- touring,  games center etc). Drinks will make it more chill and give us a chance to get to know each other without the fuss of food in the mouth and all that. Cinema is a big no as I like to concentrate when I watch movies so we would most likely not get to know each other and that would just be a waste of our time for the first date.


  • 3. What would you most likely wear on a first date (Jeans, Dress, Skirt? )

I’d probably say jeans, because my ideal first date is something casual. So I would love to dress simple but sexy, not too dressy. I would pair my jeans with a nice sheer top and a nice pair of heels to jazz up the outfit. And if it’s an adventurous date, I’d just gladly wear my sneakers  with a nice pair of jeans, a top and a bomber jacket 🙂

  • 4. On the date of your choice what makeup would you wear?

I would really go for a simple make up look. Soft smokey eyes with a nude lip. I would like the guy to see what I look like at first, you know, and then I’d probably gravitate towards the bold look later on,on subsequent dates.


  • 5. Your date says you have half an hour to be ready what do you do?

I would spend about 10 minutes panicking over what to wear and then call a friend who will talk some sense into my head. I would then proceed to get ready within the next 20 minutes.

  • 6.  Your date asks for the bill, do you …
    (Offer to pay – with actual meaning to pay, Make a fake fuss – with no intention of paying, Expect him to pay straight away) 

Hmmmm. This is on a first date so I would probably expect him to pay, I’m a bit traditional in that sense. But if at any instance he forgot his wallet at home , I would offer to pay.

  • 7. If you do end up paying, do you go out with him again? 

If I had so much genuine fun the last time, and he wasn’t trying to be sneaky with his reasons for not paying, I’d be looking forward to the next date, it doesn’t really matter if I paid for the first date.  ^_^

  • 8. It’s time to say goodbye you really like your date do you …(Wave,Hug,Kiss on the cheek,Peck, Full on smooch ) 

blushing terribly If I really liked my date, I would hug him and maybe give him a kiss on the cheek. The full on smooching has to be saved for later, you know you don’t wanna give it all on the first date 😉

I guess that’s it for this tag. I hoped you enjoyed reading and hopefully you know what I really get up to on my dates. Haha.

I would love to read about this on other blogs, so if you’re a blogger and you’re reading this, I tag you!

Just link your post to me here or on my social media and I’d love to read all about it.

Love & light.  img_7522-1


  1. See it’s totally important to know where the first date is going to be so that we know how to dress and get ready for it lol I’m so like you, I’m like “well if its an outdoor adventure then….or, “a nice dinner then I’ll wear….” LOL.


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