Hey my lovelies!!!!!

121fd382-3d08-440f-85a4-2590b8d780a2Oh God, I have missed every single one of you. No really, I can’t believe I was able to stay away for this long. I hope you guys missed me as well, if not, well.. I’ll just suck it up and carry on.

So, where has Ashley been? Make your self a cup of tea, or get a glass of wine, and read on…


Yes, school is the first obstacle in this blogging business of mine. At first I could handle it and then all of a sudden, I saw myself trying to write posts between studying and realizing I have to take pictures for those posts. What a life, I’m too disorganized!! But good news, I think i have found a way to manage schooling and blogging, and right now, I’m feeling on top of the world, I feel great. Yes, of course, if it works, I’m gonna put up a post about it ^_^



I was getting so addicted to social media, especially Instagram and I also found myself looking at other peoples lives on the gram and constantly comparing myself to them. I began to feel so overwhelmed and inadequate, that’s when I realized I had to get off. I did it for a week and a half or even more  and it worked wonders. I became more productive and I was able to get so much done! I came back refreshed and with a different perspective towards everything.



A lot of water & rice. Haha I have been eating so much rice (jollof, fried, boiled, you name itttttt) these days! I think my body cells could be made up of rice.



Jackets, sweaters and boots…its still wintery over here, but I see the sun shining slowly and the weather getting warm, thank goodness!!


A bit better after feeling ill for almost a whole month.


I have been reading a lot of inspirational posts online, trying to get my self back to a positive state. ‘The Secret’ is a good book I can recommend to anyone who wants to get their lives on track!

 I haven’t really been watching anything in particular though. I was watching “the vampire diaries” last month and oh wow, that show is good!! –Currently on the 4th season and I was happy when Damon and Elena began dating ^_^ 



A lot of maroon 5 & the chainsmokers. I’m just really feeling their music right now!


A lot of ways to maximize time and be more productive without feeling too overwhelmed about the tasks at hand.


I’m most excited to be back to blogging right now! It’s been too long!


Stick to my new years resolutions and stay positive through what happens, as I planned to do in my NEW YEAR’S POST 



And thats it for now, my loves…thank you to my awesome friends who checked up on me and wondering when i was gonna post, You’re awesome :*

What have you all been up to? Share with me in the comment section 😉

More posts coming up soon, do stay tuned, especially on my Instagram ( @theashtreegram)

Love & Light,

Ash img_7522-1






  1. Love reading peoples life updates! I feel you with the whole social media….I lose track of time being on instagram or twitter (or both)…it’s like so many wasted hours i really feel like I need to cut down on my usage. I don’t even mean to i just get so carried away! I’ll forever love maroon 5 and chainsmokers are a total fave of mine too!!

    xo, JJ


  2. It can be a little too overwhelming, right. I’m out of school but life always gets in the way, especially when you have a school or a job. Well done on social media though, never compare yourself with others. It’s not good, we should feel fortunate for what we have and work hard for what we want. At least that’s what I’m working toards 😉


  3. The 4th season is when I stopped watching TVD… I lost interest in it, it became too intricate for me! But I heard the finale episode of the show is airing soon… Maybe I’ll pick the show up from where I left! Let me know if it’s worth watching it!


  4. Hi! I’m a newbie on your blog, but I loved this update! I’m definitely on with you about the social media cleanse. I got Instagram winter of 2016, but I can already see how toxic and destructive it can be. There’s definitely that sense of comparing and snooping into others people’s live. Thanks for this inspiration – I’m going to adopt this social media cleanse. Hope you’re staying safe if Storm Stella hit you! xo, Steph


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