Hey my lovelies!!!!!

121fd382-3d08-440f-85a4-2590b8d780a2Oh God, I have missed every single one of you. No really, I can’t believe I was able to stay away for this long. I hope you guys missed me as well, if not, well.. I’ll just suck it up and carry on.

So, where has Ashley been? Make your self a cup of tea, or get a glass of wine, and read on…


Yes, school is the first obstacle in this blogging business of mine. At first I could handle it and then all of a sudden, I saw myself trying to write posts between studying and realizing I have to take pictures for those posts. What a life, I’m too disorganized!! But good news, I think i have found a way to manage schooling and blogging, and right now, I’m feeling on top of the world, I feel great. Yes, of course, if it works, I’m gonna put up a post about it ^_^



I was getting so addicted to social media, especially Instagram and I also found myself looking at other peoples lives on the gram and constantly comparing myself to them. I began to feel so overwhelmed and inadequate, that’s when I realized I had to get off. I did it for a week and a half or even more  and it worked wonders. I became more productive and I was able to get so much done! I came back refreshed and with a different perspective towards everything.



A lot of water & rice. Haha I have been eating so much rice (jollof, fried, boiled, you name itttttt) these days! I think my body cells could be made up of rice.



Jackets, sweaters and boots…its still wintery over here, but I see the sun shining slowly and the weather getting warm, thank goodness!!


A bit better after feeling ill for almost a whole month.


I have been reading a lot of inspirational posts online, trying to get my self back to a positive state. ‘The Secret’ is a good book I can recommend to anyone who wants to get their lives on track!

 I haven’t really been watching anything in particular though. I was watching “the vampire diaries” last month and oh wow, that show is good!! –Currently on the 4th season and I was happy when Damon and Elena began dating ^_^ 



A lot of maroon 5 & the chainsmokers. I’m just really feeling their music right now!


A lot of ways to maximize time and be more productive without feeling too overwhelmed about the tasks at hand.


I’m most excited to be back to blogging right now! It’s been too long!


Stick to my new years resolutions and stay positive through what happens, as I planned to do in my NEW YEAR’S POST 



And thats it for now, my loves…thank you to my awesome friends who checked up on me and wondering when i was gonna post, You’re awesome :*

What have you all been up to? Share with me in the comment section 😉

More posts coming up soon, do stay tuned, especially on my Instagram ( @theashtreegram)

Love & Light,

Ash img_7522-1





28 thoughts

  1. Yaaay she’s baqqqqq, i missed uuuuuuuu. Instagram can be so so sumtyms, der are tyms i go thru dese things too, lyk I’d see a picture nd just wonder things but den again i think lyk dis “what if she’s going thru sumfin terrible?” Nd d gram z just what she does to console herself, I’ve learnt to not envy anybody instead work on yrself nd pple will envy u. D greener grass z cos d owner worked on it, remember dis always gurl. All d best with skul, m waiting on dose recipes o 😘

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    1. Thank you my dear. I know the struggle of ig oh, trust me I plan to do better! Thanks for the advice. More recipes coming for sure! 😘


  2. Aww welcome back ash! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Instagram can be a chore sometimes, sometimes I just delete the app and go away!
    Thankfully I don’t need to use Instagram for blogging so I don’t have to upload all this time, trust me. I know the struggle.
    And you’ve been sleeping on vampire diaries a long time!

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    1. You know this, Instagram can become truly overwhelming if you let it. Haha Vampire diaries is so interesting I don’t know how I missed it for this long !


  3. Welcome back gorgeous!! Make sure you take some little time out for yourself every so often so you recharge your batteries. I completely understand about comparing yourself to others on social media, especially IG and it can be deadly as it can bring you down – I know cos I did it a while ago and felt so worthless. I went off it for a whole month and decided I am going to be me and creat a feed/content that represents my personality and who I am. I still check out others feeds but stop myself from comparing. Your a beautiful soul and blogger, and you’re doing great!! xx


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    1. Thank you for your kind words Susana! Yes I know how the struggle can be sometimes, it was great to take a day off and when I came back it was great for me. You’re a beautiful soul and blogger too! thank you. x


  4. Welcome back Ashley. I can totally relate to school taking up your time and draining you out. But if blogging is what we love and consistency is King, we just have to find a way to balance and manage it, nothing good comes easy.

    These days, I just see a nice picture of a beautiful girl or a creative blogger and I like it, follow if I feel like and move on. Gone are the days when I start comparing looks, and blog content and feeds. These bloggers stand out because they are themselves. Just be yourself, let your unique personality show in your feed and content. Make do with the resources you have and make the most of it. For example, I don’t have a professional camera, I hope too soon but for now I don’t. I can stop blogging all the same or I can find my way around it like bully my friends with iPhone 7 s to take pictures of me and send them via whatsapp or something.

    Another thing I’m not doing is copying another person’s writing style or kind of content, I’m just letting my ideas flow and my words come from within, someone will read it and relate perfectly and that’s all that matters to me. Hopefully, my social following and blog readership will grow soon not over night but with hard work, great content and consistency, it will soon enough.

    I can’t wait to see you blow, LOL.

    10 Struggles In The Life Of A University Student

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    1. Thank you for this Danie, it’s so true about being yourself. In the end, there’s only one version of you. I have learnt to receive inspiration instead of comparing myself to the “big” bloggers out there. As for phone camera 😂😂 I’m absolutely with you on this, I definitely bully my friends whenever I can. Thanks hun! Can’t wait for us to blow!! xo 😘


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