When this year began, I made a post about being positive about everything around me and now I can say I fell off the bandwagon pretty badly. I’m talking woe is me, full on pity party. It was the worst!

So, how many of us have been complaining a lot too? I know I have, literally about anything!

One of my favourite bloggers, Sinead ,wrote something that completely touched me. She explained how we should learn to keep tabs on our complaints and its true that for most of us, complaining seems to be a normal way of life. We almost usually start a conversation with how bad the weather is at the moment or how the economy is terrible and what not.

But now I’m learning to be mindful about my negative thoughts and how it affects me daily and here’s how you can try it too :



1. Count your blessings

I saw a quote somewhere that said “someone is happier with less than what you have” , and it struck me. I know I have been going through a stressful period lately but then, I’m still blessed. I have been complaining a lot about so much that’s going on that I forgot to sit and realize how blessed I am to just be alive and in good health, if not for anything, that’s a great deal to be thankful for!

2.Be mindful of your emotions

And what triggers it. It could be a song, a place, a movie or even someone.

I used to listen to a certain song at a trying point in my life and I realized that whenever I heard that song, it triggered that bad memory and I would automatically become sad or stressed out for no reason. it took a while for me to realize that certain things trigger a negative memory and we have to work towards reducing the things that fuel our sadness.

For the friend aspect, we have people around us that complain a lot and this makes it easy for us to complain as well. If I’m one of those friends, I’m stopping it from now on, no more complaints, sorry! We have to help each other to stay positive through any bad situation. Remember, someone else probably has it worse than you.



3. Spend time getting busy

Take long walks, go out with good friends (those that lift your spirit, you know) , take up a class, clean or rearrange your apartment. I always find that cooking usually helps me when I feel off  so whenever I’m stressed out or I start thinking negatively, I look up new recipes to try and I feel relaxed right after.

Check out my favorite recipes 

4. Keep a gratitude journal

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

This is an important aspect of our lives we need to cultivate all the time. Whenever I feel down, I whip out my gratitude journal and write down the things that are going well in my life regardless of the current situation. Gratitude helps you to focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have.


As my dear Kotryna said on her blog, you can’t control what happens in your life, but you can control how you act when something bad happens. You should thrive to always look at the bright side. If something doesn’t go according to the plan, see this as a new opportunity. Stop blaming the circumstances & work even harder to reach your goals. You’re the one in charge & you can turn every failure into success.


Remember, positivity is a choice, waking up everyday with a positive mindset is a way to start and keep the positive lifestyle! I’m not saying its the easiest to achieve but no one said its impossible either.

I hope you were inspired by this post! I would love to hear your feedback if you use any of the techniques or if you have other effective ways to stay positive! 

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  1. Though this is a bit of an old post but i feel compelled to comment as you have struck the nail on the head.me think’s if we as persons could harness the energies we use in complaining into engaging ourselves in meaningful productive ventures then am not sure we would be complaining much.it’s true,we have been done wrong in the world but can we just stop talking about that and start helping to repair it.Ashley,thank you as you have repaired the world through your blog by becoming positive yourself….keep up the good work.#weneedmoreashleys


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Tewo. I am so glad you found this post inspiring. we do need more positivism in the world. Thank you again.


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