World Oral Health Day | Live Mouth Smart -My Personal Oral Care Tips

When I turned 21, I made a decision to start taking better care of my teeth and improve my oral health. I’ve got to say it was the best decision I ever made in my life. I went to the dentist, made a few improvements (got veneers ) and also cleaned my teeth.
It cost me a lot of money but it was an amazing investment!


Today is #worldoralhealthday and I’m teaming up with The Smile Shop Dental to bring you great personal tips on how to maintain good oral health.



1. Brush TWICE a day.

I know, everyone says this. Or at least everyone knows this. But do you actually practice it? Brushing twice a day is essential for keeping away bacteria which causes tooth decay, cavities and even tooth loss! So, if you don’t want that, you should brush twice daily, every morning and night.


Flossing helps to remove the dirt and food particles which were stuck between your teeth. This is a very important step most people miss. It is advised to floss before you brush your teeth at morning & at night before bedtime. I like to floss even after meals also and its mainly because my teeth has no space for toothpicks (haha)  – so I carry a pack of floss everywhere I go.

3. Change your toothbrush every three months.

This is one thing I never not do. This is just to replace worn out toothbrushes as worn out or old toothbrushes may not clean the teeth properly.



Try to visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend. And if you feel nervous about visiting the dentist, you could inform them about the situation and you could discuss ways to improve your treatment. Listening to music or taking a friend with you can also help to overcome the anxiety. Your dentist will perform routine check ups and carry out visual mouth checks for anything out of the ordinary including oral cancer.

P.S – I used to be so scared of the dentist’s office until I took the bold step to visit them. And now I’m totally in love with my dentist, he is the best ever! Shout out to you, Dr. Zalai.


5. Diet & your oral health

A good diet which contains vitamins and minerals, including fruits and vegetables  can help to prevent gum disease.

Also, avoid snacking on sugary foods or try to take them only during your mealtime to reduce the time your teeth will come under attack from all that sugar. However, if you have a sweet tooth, you can munch on sugar free snacks and drinks which contain Xylitol as it can actively impact your oral health positively.

And so my dear friends, these are the few tips I follow to take care of my oral health.

Don’t forget to check out this link to find out all about world oral health day and how to participate in the social media challenges.

Visit the Smile Shop dental’s blog HERE and be sure to participate in their #livesmartmouthchallenge on Instagram 🙂

How do you take care of your teeth?

Love &  Light





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