Hi lovelies!

Today, I wanna show you all the products I use for my everyday morning & evening skincare routine.

I have been asked a lot about the products I use on a daily basis and I thought it was finally time to share my not so hidden secrets to a pretty good, but not yet flawless skin.

Lets get right in to it baby!



This is my favorite favorite face wash! I use it every morning and evening. It is a kind of ‘soap less’ face wash but it cleanses so well. It smells great too!



This nivea face toner with bio argan oil and aloe vera is a mild toner which I use two to three times a week. I love that it gives me a nice, clean feeling after I use it and it is not harsh on my skin at all.




I recently just tried out this Dr. Tuna’s face cream with tea tree and I can say it works the most wonders for my face, I hardly ever use foundation anymore because I believe this is what has been clearing up my skin.  I plan to go ham on their full range of products and hopefully it will all work for me.


I just got this one again from Neutrogena and I’m sure you can tell how much I love Neutrogena already, this is because theyre so great and pocket friendly!

This hydro boost formula is a more moisturizing wash and leaves your face feeling silky-ish after each wash. I use it mostly at night with my RIVAL DE LOOP face cleansing brush.


This is my number one make up removing  product by Garnier. I only discovered micellar water last year but it has been of such great help, also I don’t feel it is as harsh as other facial cleansing wipes or even baby wipes. This is my best product for taking off my makeup every time.

All these products can easily be found at drugstores and are all pocket friendly. They are fairly great and I love them all. 

And that’s it, these are all the products I use for my daily skincare routine. Nothing too fancy as you can see.

What are your favorite everyday products? 

*Not a sponsored post. 



  1. Loved this post! I’m trying to take better care of my skin and this was an interesting read. Where did you get your cleansing brush from? I’m looking for one that won’t break the bank x


    1. I love simple products that wont break the bank. I got my cleansing brush from a drugstore called “Rossmann” for just 10 dollars, so cheap! Depending on you location, you may find it. If not, they should have cheap ones on amazon. xo


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