DIY || How To Take Off Gel Polish, At Home!

Life is not perfect, but your nails can be. ♡

Today I am going to show you how to remove your gel polish at home But first, let’s have a little chat 🙂

Alright so you know I am a little obsessed with the perfect manicured nail look. It doesn’t even have to be polished, neat nails go a long way for me. When my gel nail polish becomes too old and I haven’t yet made an appointment to take it off, I become extremely sad and anxious. I begin chipping away at my nails, which makes them look worse by the way! For me, the sight of chipped polish puts me over the edge (okay not really, but it annoys me to the point that I will peel away all of my polish until my hands are left looking horrible—not a good look)


Which is why I had to figure out a way to take off my nail polish at home. Thanks to E! online, I found an easy way, and now I am going to show it to you!

What you need :

  • Acetone (found in local beauty supply stores)
  • Cotton balls
  • Aluminum foil 

What to do :

  • Soak your cotton balls in acetone.
  • Wrap your cotton pad around your nails and cover with foil for about 30 minutes. I know, its long-but its worth it.
  • After a little bit over 30 minutes, take off the aluminum foil.
  • Peel off gel and file your nails.


And there you have it, the easiest DIY ever!

Pro tip :

Maximum strength acetone is a must, I bought a really cheap acetone that doesn’t even have a household name and it works perfectly. Nail polish remover is NOT acetone by the way, it contains a really small amount of acetone but its not strong enough to take off your gel nail polish.

Moisturizing your nails first is important, I applied Vaseline to my cuticles to create a barrier and not let the acetone, being as harsh as it is kill my beds.

Do you wear gel polish? If so, what’s your favorite color and brand?


What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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