“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”

I don’t know what it is, but I love it when I wake up from sleep knowing I have no serious responsibilities awaiting me. It’s the best feeling ever.

This Sunday was a pretty chilled one because I woke up super late, and laid in bed till about 4pm when I and my friends decided to go have lunch.

It was on the way to the mall that I decided to take a few pictures, the weather was amazing too, thank God for sunshine!

I wore an all black outfit (as usual, these days) and I had no makeup on!

As you can already tell, I’m pretty much boyish and over casual in my dressing. I don’t even make an effort to wear anything that isn’t comfy.

At the bus stop we took some pictures while waiting for the bus. We were headed to this new place to have lunch.

The place we had lunch was called “Jack’s Burger”

They had a variety of different menus including burgers and grilled products.

I had the Jacks burger menu with a coke.

My friend, Laura. She had the grilled pork ribs with fries. 

Harrison had the double jack’s burger menu too!

And Beatrice, she had the Pork ribs with fries. 

The meal was generally a good meal but it was on the salty side. The ribs were a bit too dry, but I’d like to believe it was a bad day. I will try the restaurant again and keep you updated!

My friend, Precious came to meet up with us after lunch and we went on to do some window shopping.

But my phone died so I couldn’t take more pictures 😦

But yeah, that was my Sunday in all. Let me know what you think about this post as I want to start putting out these kind of posts.



  1. I love you beautiful baby. Time spent with you is worth every second. You are a beautiful soul and God has way too much in store for you. I’m glad to be called your friend!! Even if we don’t speak all the time, know that I care about you, and I would provide a shoulder to lean on if you ever need one. xoxo

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