This post is long overdue as I took the trip during the Easter break in April but of course, before I could finally get around to sharing everything with you, I had to  be lazy for a while  figure out how to convert the pictures because as a dumb ass, I shot the pictures in RAW mode and WordPress doesn’t support the files. Typical.

Krakow is a beautiful city in the heart of Poland, still slightly unpopular when compared to other cities like Prague or Paris. But I promise, it’s a city worth visiting. Its small enough and all the major sights can be seen in a day, which is why a 3 day trip was just perfect for my girls and I.


What made this trip so exciting was the fact that we traveled on bus. Yup. A departing by 6 am, 7 hours in a bus filled with different people and just one stop along the way, bus. The bus ride was a great adventure, although I slept almost half way through the trip. I was that tired!

Anyway, we arrived at about 3:30pm and as first timers, we got lost within the first five minutes!

I busied myself with taking pictures and just left all the responsibility of finding the hotel to my friends.

My first impression about the town was that it was small, intimate, and very clean.

Here are the pictures from my first day in Krakow.


I hope you found this post interesting. Watch out for other posts on special places I visited and interesting finds in Krakow






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