SPRING DETOX – 3 Simple Ways To De Clutter & Refresh Your Routine


Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’

            – Robin Williams

Happy Earth Day everyone!!

Spring is upon us, it’s a beautiful and fun time of the year and also the best time to switch up our routine in many ways.

Today I am sharing with you guys,  the ways to change up your life in preparation for the warmer days ahead.


Spring time cleaning is not new to us. It is a good time to open up the windows, finally letting in some sunshine and also a time to clear out your closet, getting rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore and bringing out the bright colors of spring. My favorite tip for clearing out my wardrobe is: if I haven’t worn it in one year, I don’t need it. Some major clean up to think about is also digital cleaning, getting rid of apps and freeing memory on your phone can help to give you that feeling of starting afresh. Also remember to open up your windows at least 15 minutes a day and watch the wonders it would do to your mood.

#2 Change Up Your Diet


With the weather getting warmer, our bodies are getting ready to use up more energy and work better. This means we have to eat healthier and lighter foods than the hearty ones we indulge ourselves in, during the winter time. Switching up from heavy comfort foods to a salad, WATER and eating more fruit, especially the ones that are in season- they are all so delicious so who wouldn’t want to eat them anyway- are big changes we can help ourselves with.

Now, I start every morning with a green smoothie and a cup of warm water with lemon or 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar!

#3 Change up your beauty routine


Spring time is a great time to cut down on all the heavily loaded foundation, especially to let our skin breathe. The skin really improves with the warmth and fresh oxygen so it would be a great time to take a break from a lot of make up products on our faces.

I personally don’t like the feeling of wearing a full face foundation when it’s warm outside and especially if you sweat, it can be an uncomfortable situation.

During the spring, for my everyday makeup, I usually switch up from a full coverage foundation to a lighter foundation or a cc cream, a mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. And with that, I’m good to go!

Sadly, it’s still a bit chilly here in Budapest, I think we got too over excited, or complained too much about the sudden excessive heat, so Mother Nature decided to send down some snow to put us back in our places.We’re sorry Mother Nature, please bring back the sunshine.

With the season getting warmer, I’m always excited to switch up my routine. Do you have other ways you prepare for the seasons change?


  1. Great tips! I’m in the process of switching up my diet this spring, starting with learning to cook at home instead of eating out so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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