BIRTHDAY GRATITUDE – 24 Years In The Making! 

If you know me very well, you’ll know I’m super obsessed with my birthday! There’s just this awesome magic that comes with adding a year to my life. Its like, suddenly, all the problems of my previous years are gone, once it’s my birthday.

This birthday, which was on the 27th April, was a very special one for me because, not only have I terribly grown out of a lot of habits, I have also learned to consider something more and more important everyday : Gratitude.

As I wake up each day from this new year, I have challenged myself to experience the power of real gratitude and the benefits that come with it.

And with that said I’m just going to talk about the 3 simple things I’m incredibly grateful for, right now.

1. I am grateful for a mother who wished me a happy birthday starting two days before my birthday. For her kind and true words of advice for the new year coming. I’m grateful for a Father who has been a constant support, the most loving man I have ever met and the greatest teacher of all. I’m grateful for amazing parents who, from a distance, can make you feel like the kilometers are just numbers.


2. For friends who, despite the distance and life events, still stuck close. And made my birthday weekend an amazing one!

3. For life lessons. Because, experience is the best teacher, right?


I’m also trying to do this thing where I’ll try as much as possible to keep my blog posts short and simple. Hence, my condensed words, haha!

To everyone who made this birthday special in one way or the other, thank you! I have come to realize that I have a big support system and I’m grateful to each and everyone who has also been a big support to The Ash Tree Journal and her Mama- me!






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What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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