Product Review: The Body Shop Warming Mineral Clay Mask may be great, but…

the body shop warming mineral mask

The Body Shop is one of my favorite beauty companies so it was really incredible when my best friend granted one thing on my birthday wish list , and got me a few products from the body shop. One of them was the warming clay mask with mineral and ginger.

Today, I would be reviewing this product and showing you guys the positive and negative impression on this. Stay tuned till the end,  will ya?


This mask is called “The Body Shop MINERAL & GINGER warming massage clay mask” .

This mask comes in a portable 100 ml (3.3 US FL OZ)  tube with a smooth feel. I love the grey color of the tube because it’s so pleasing to the eyes and goes along with the “mineral clay” theme.

It contains deep cleansing kaolin clay, ginger, cinnamon oil.

It promises to purify pores, revitalize, condition and it’s for ALL SKIN TYPES.


I followed the instructions on the back which said to apply on a wet skin and leave on for 5 minutes. My favorite first impression of this mask was the instant warming effect I got when I applied it on my skin. It was so calming and relaxing. I don’t understand why my friend, who tried it with me, thought differently.

The smell was also soothing, it had that warm ginger smell so you could immediately tell it contained ginger if you didn’t read the label.

I rinsed it off after a few minutes and I could really tell the difference. My skin felt really smooth and refreshed, and the clay doesnt dry off on your skin like other masks will.

I have used it over the last month too, just to be sure it was actually working and I did like the feel of my face each time I used it. I have also noticed a certain glow to my skin which I have been loving so much that I don’t even bother to wear makeup to conceal all that freshness. Yass!


The one thing I really didn’t like about this mask is the fact that after I rinsed it off, it literally leaves on a clay-ish mask.

I always had to wash it off with a cleansing gel or face wash to get out.

Also, I had to limit using it to just once a week, because it started to dry out my skin when I used it twice or thrice. But then, a mask should be used once, right?

For now, that seems like the only negative aspect to this mask.

Would I purchase it?

Yes, I would. I know its pricey, but its good for the price and I love the way it has made my skin better with each use. Also, since I have to use just a little for maximum coverage, its pretty economical because I guess this bottle will last about four or five months if I use it just once a week.

I hope this was a helpful review, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!



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