Story Time || My First Tinder Date

Tinder is the one place I never thought I could openly say I joined. Mostly because, as we all know & most probably have presumed, tinder is where you go to hook up with random people, its for the lonely & sad people and most of all, you can never build a great relationship from this site.

Well I wasn’t about to jump into those conclusions without trying it out myself.

As a single lady who just moved into a new city, I thought, why the heck not? I signed up, selected my good enough pictures and got to swiping.

My thoughts while swiping were : As long as they don’t look like a serial killer, its all good.

I had a few matches within the first few minutes, and after about an hour, I set up my first date.  Boy was I nervous. I started thinking of all the possibilities where this could go wrong and I can say I had a mini heart attack.

Remember in this post? How I take at least an hour to get ready? – well I took two.

I even thought about of cancelling, but the non-quitter in me pushed me further. Great thing was that we were meeting for drinks so I didn’t have to worry about losing an appetite.

We met at a great wine bar and immediately got to talking. I thought to myself, wow this isn’t so bad ; why was I so panicked?

We talked a lot about his culture (he is from Hungary, by the way) and I got to discover a few information about Hungary and even Budapest trip hacks and all of that.

After a few hours, I could say that the date  lasted about 4 hours, I was exhausted and had to head home. He paid for the drinks and I was dreading the age long question I read that most guys from tinder would ask : “Would you love to head back to my place?”


I tell y’all, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was he a gentle man, he was friendly, we had a proper conversation and a generally good night.

So this is me saying to you that you should t knock anything till you try. I’m not saying you won’t have bad experiences though, but you’ll never know if you don’t take the risk.

Have you been on a tinder date? How was your first experience?

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