Lifestyle || 5 Life Hacks According To Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is one of my favorite people and one of my biggest inspirations. So its no surprise that I have to tap a little knowledge from her and share these tips from her awesome blog

Here are 5 interesting life hacks according to Lauren:

1. Dry skin or dark spots? Rub on a little lemon juice

I recently read that little lemon juice helps brighten dark spots on skin and acne scars on skin, so I’ve been giving it a try. So far, so good! According to Livestrong, it’s a safe and effective way to clear up any discolorations on the skin—plus, it’s way more affordable than expensive creams and serums. And, if you have dry elbows or knees, you can also use lemon juice to slough off dry skin and exfoliate dead skin cells. Rub some lemon juice on those areas and leave for a few minutes, then rinse off and hydrate with a natural moisturizer like coconut oil.

2. Coming down with a fever? Slip on cold wet socks.

Coming down with a fever isn’t fun. And most people’s first reaction is to think “How do I get rid of this fever ASAP?” The hard truth is that a fever is your body’s way of warming itself up to fight off whatever bug you’ve caught. So, a fever should really run its course naturally (unless it gets to dangerously high temps, in which case you should call your doctor immediately).

To help break a common cold fever, simply slip on a pair of cold wet socks while resting. The cold socks will make the blood vessels in your feet constrict as your feet cool down, which sends good nutrients into your organs and tissues. These nutrients will help your body fight off infections and stimulate healing, according to Mind Body Green.

3. Got a cold sore? Soothe with a water-soaked Earl Grey tea bag.

Cold sores are no fun, and can be very painful and annoying. If you feel one coming on and are in search for immediate relief within your own home, a simple Earl Gray tea bag can help, according to Black and chamomile tea bags can take down the inflammation as well, but according to, the bergamot in Earl Gray tea has extra healing properties. Soak the tea bag in water (either warm or cold works) and place onto the cold sore for about five minutes to help it soothe and heal.

4. Feeling motion sickness? Chew peppermint gum or sip on peppermint tea.

If you’re traveling by car, plane or boat any time in the near future, it’s a good idea to have peppermint gum or mints on hand. Besides the obvious reason that it freshens breath, peppermint can also ease motion sickness and calm your stomach. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, peppermint essential oil works even better than gum or mints (rub a little bit on the underside of your wrists). The menthol in peppermint will calm your stomach and ease nausea if you’re feeling a little queasy.

5.Want whiter teeth? Eat an apple.

Have you ever had that super-clean-teeth feeling after eating a juicy granny smith apple? If so, it’s not all in your head. Apples really can give your mouth a gentle clean due to their mildly acidic nature and high fiber in the fruit. According to Jeff Golub-Evans, DDS, apples are the ideal food for cleansing and brightening teeth. Eat an apple between meals to help freshen your breath, eliminate plaque and whiten your teeth.

    Pretty interesting stuff, right?

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