Trying out BOLD lip colors || NYX Liquid Suede – First Impressions!


So I’ve been a “safe girl” with makeup over the years, using only red lipstick or a light pink, and if I really want to go all out, I’ll use a dark red.

However, I decided I didn’t want to be safe anymore, and as God will have it, I was gifted this lip kit from my friend.

Hold up! Can we talk about how amazing it is that I’m always being gifted really cool stuff?

Anyway, as usual, I was really skeptical on trying these colors but, I decided to test these products to see which one would fit me, and surprisingly, they all did-Or at least I thought they did. 

Let’s get right into the post! I’ll be talking first impressions and then a mini review, based on the first impressions.



First of all, the naming. THE NAMING, Y’ALL! NYX really did well with naming their lip colors!

Respect the pink is a very light shade of pink, almost pastel. But mostly really light, and bold. My first swatch was without a liner and it made me look a bit weird but after I got a liner on my lips, I loved it!

First swatch, without a liner.
I found a purple liner and tried it on the lip gloss, and I loved the outcome!
I’ll definitely wear it like this!


Ah, these names get me every time. Sway is a purple-ish, pastel looking lip color and I’d say, I have worn a lip color similar to this before. I liked the first impression and used it with the same liner to make it more defined.
First swatch, without a liner.

With a liner, although not so visible.
Without a liner, can you see how a liner makes all the difference?
With a liner, I also cleaned off some of the product because I wanted to see how it works without more than one application.



THIS is my absolute favorite out of all the three colors! From the name, (yes, you get the point, I know) to the color and pigmentation. This one is a definite win win!

I didn’t need to use a liner because it is already so dark and it wouldn’t show anyway.



Now, this lip kit is well packaged, simple to open, with simple instructions on the back on how to use it.

Application was easy too, the brush felt good and the consistency of the cream lipstick was pretty smooth. The only issue I had was that, the first two colors were not that pigmented, I had to apply more to make a difference. If you don’t apply more, you end up looking way too weird. So, more goes a long way.

Taking the lip cream off wasn’t a hassle at all. The product came off really easily, although for the darker color, I had to wipe my lip a bit more.

I will be wearing these colors sometime this week and I will make sure I share it on my Instagram stories and grid page. So, make sure you follow me (@theashtreegram) to stay updated!


Now, which was your favorite color out of these? What do you think of cream lipsticks? Do you love them or, it’s an absolute no no? Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below!


What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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