15 Reasons Why My Mum Is The Best! 

This post is dedicated to my sweet sweet mama 💓
We all know that Mums deserve more thanks and recognition than you could ever fit into one day. Lots more.



There must be a million reasons to say “I love you, Mum,” and on this special day, which is her birthday, I have to share 15 reasons why I just cannot get over how amazing my mother is.


  1. I simply wouldn’t be here without her.
  2. She knew when I needed to be alone with loud music in my ear, and she always let me have that time.
  3. Without her, I would probably be living like a total pig.

  4. She taught me how to cook the most delicious meals out there.


  6. If she ran the world, no one would even try to be mean to me. Ever.

  7. There are still things I’ve done that she hasn’t told Dad. Thank God!

  8. She didn’t abandon me during my weirdly long and super annoying awkward phase in life.

  9. A lot of times, she knows exactly when to call me and just hearing her voice makes everything better.

  10. She always gives me my favorite food!

  11. She taught me good manners and they always come in handy.

  12. She reminds me of times I’ve done greater things and triumphed, whenever I’m feeling down.

  13. Just by the sound of my voice (even when I try my hardest to mask it) , she always knows when something is wrong.

  14. She taught me to put family first and love my siblings no matter what.

  15. She showed me sacrifice. You sacrifice for the people you love. That’s love.

Dear mum,

I love you so much and each day I thank God for choosing you for me.

Guaranteed, we fight most times and I act like I don’t need you, the fact is that I do. Each and everyday I need you.

Happy birthday sweet mama, you’re the absolute best 💓💓 ​


Ashley ❤️


  1. I had tears in my eyes reading this! What a beautiful thing to do for your mum, Ash. She must feel so lucky to have you as a daughter. My favourite part was “She showed me sacrifice. You sacrifice for the people you love. That’s love.” So lovely. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for reading Cait, it’s amazing how mums can be so sacrificial. I love her and it’s the least I could do from a place so far away. Thanks again for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a lovely post! Your mum must be very proud of you, I hope one day my little girl thinks so highly of me as you do of your mum x


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