The 5 || Road Trip Essentials 

There’s nothing like packing your bags and going on a new adventure. For me, this is one of my favorite things to do. And what better time to travel than in the summer?

A road trip is one of the best memories I had as a child, I was always traveling with my parents, blaring music from the car stereo, stopping by different places and discovering new things.

This made me want to take road trips again as an adult, but seeing as it won’t be with my family, I’ll have a different list of things I need. Because of this, I decided to compile a few necessities you may also need for a road trip!



1. Mini toiletries 

Toiletries are a must have when embarking on a road trip. And on a road trip, I always make sure to carry mini versions of wipes (so important!), tissues, hand lotion, dental floss and perfume.

2. A scarf or blanket

There’s just something about road trips and feeling chilly, every time. A good scarf is a  necessity or if you can, take along a blanket to keep warm during the trip. This is also good because you wont inconvenience others who want to keep the air conditioner on, or leave the windows down.


I used to love reading books while on a road trip, but as I grew older, my brain got lazy and I resulted to downloading movies and taking them along. A good way I download movies is through Netflix (thank goodness, finally! ) and although they’re mostly older movies available, I prefer them now to books. Plus, I can watch them  with my friends if we are traveling together. If you’d prefer the good old music downloads, of course..that’s perfect!

Don’t forget your portable charger for your phones & music devices.

4. Snacks 

I love food so so much , and road trip food? Amazing!

Guaranteed, there’s usually more junk food available than healthy food when on a road trip. The good thing however, is that you can pack your own snacks before hand, anyway you want it and you can include all your favorites.

I’m a sandwich while traveling type of girl so I love to make sandwiches and carry along fruits. For junk feeding, I pack a lot of tortilla chips and biscuits. Water is a always a necessity!


Our health is important while traveling. This is something we usually overlook when on a trip but, it is important to have a few first aid necessities on hand. A first aid kit typially should contain :

  • A pain and fever reducer, e.g Ibuprofen
  • Antihistamine to reduce allergies, and also aid in sleep.
  • Anti-diarrhoeal meds
  • Safety pins
  • Gauze
  • Antiseptic towels for cleaning hands and wounds
  • Sunscreen
  • Band aids for minor cuts and scrapes
  • Portable flashlights
  • Antibiotic ointment

And these are just to name a few. I feel like a first aid is the most important of these as it cannot be easily accessible, in the event of an accident in the middle of nowhere. It’s always good to be safe at all times.

These are few road trip essentials I had to share with you all, what is a must for you when you travel? Comment down below! 

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  1. Movies are a good idea – I can’t read in a car because I start getting carsick. I also always need to have a blanket because I’m always cold haha!
    Great list!


  2. My fav essentials for a road trip is to have a banging playlist, as well as some great inspiring & informational podcasts. I like to learn as I pass the time xx

    Liked by 1 person

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