Designing For The Future: Interior Design Trends We Need To Consider.

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When it comes to style, we can be sure of one thing. Humans are always evolving and switching up trends. Over the years, interior decoration has changed a whole lot. Especially in Nigeria, where I grew up, interior decoration formed a big part of my life. This was mainly because I grew up learning that Nigerians do not play with how their houses look and feel from the inside out.

Every house I visited while growing up had a certain flare to it. Whether it was the embellishment of floral patterns everywhere, or the way their couches sat with arms stretching so majestically, you would think you’re sitting on a throne. And then there came a time it transcended up to   leather couches that swallowed your body in comfort, but still squeaked or crunched with each movement –LOL. It was almost like, your house represented you in a manner; therefore, you had to REPRESENT yourself in the best way possible.

Before we get on to the future trends to look out for in the future, shall we take a stroll down memory lane and talk trends of the past decade or so? I say, we shall!



If you grew up in the 90s like me, then you can remember your home filled up with a lot of patterns. I felt like, the more pattern a certain area had, the more decorative or beautiful the home was. There were floral, gingham, stripes, floral, and more floral. The theme of the 90s era, just like our hair and fashion mostly, was bright and bold. And I don’t think I would have liked it any other way.




Interior decoration in the 21st century really took a different, but good turn. With adaptation to technology, a lot of homes also adapted to trends of techy looking interiors. The 2000s consisted of white or accented walls, plush leather furniture, definitely less and less flowers and patterns to more pastel colors on walls or curtains. Metallic and wooden bed frames, lamps and desks instead of the bronzed look were also adapted. I especially loved how the kitchen scenes changed up and adapted to wooden work spaces, and furniture. Even appliances adopted that metallic look, leaving your kitchen looking very techy if I may use that word.



Interior decor in our present era, which is what I would like to call the millennial era, is really my favorite. Nothing beats coming home to a big space, with no cluster of patterns everywhere. Just clean design with pops of color here and there. Its amazing.

With the influence of pinterest DIYs, IKEA home designs, and general styles of “Scandinavian living”,  many people seem to have chosen the path of keeping it simple. Now, when you walk into a home, you will not be surprised to see bright walls, grey furniture, a lot of lighting, and minimal cluster of family pictures and posters on the wall.

So, what’s in the future for Interior decor?

Smart homes : Who would have guessed that you could walk right into your home, just say the word and the lights would come on? Not you, right? Me neither. Smart homes are already coming up everywhere. With Apple and Google homes, users have been able to control the temperatures of their homes and lights.Who knows? Maybe one day we would be able to cook a meal strictly by voice command. I know, that will be a big one!

Smaller spaces : “The tiny house movement”, which is one of the most phenomenal things to happen, has many people becoming more environmentally conscious and choosing to move towards having smaller spaces. The argument here is that it forces you to live within means, to simplify your life and appreciate experiences, rather than possessions. And while this may be the opposite direction in Nigerian homes – we need all the space we can get, the bigger the house, the better. – The tiny house movement to me, is definitely a great move because, do we really need to have more space than necessary?

Image by Boxman via


Spaces are now designed for multiple reasons : Homes are now becoming more unique with styles that are more sustainable for the owner. A home space is typically designed without strict rules as to what a space is being used for. For instance, with the tiny home movement, a typical space under a staircase could be used as a storage area, a walk in closet, or heck, a bedroom if you must! Versatility is important in design for the future.


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Back in time : The interior design world, just like music and fashion is somehow going back in time to the 50s and 60s era by recycling old fashionable statements which exude laid back, natural and understated elements. Color is still huge, but its much more toned down.




Our home is art, and we have to take pride in making it represent who we are as a person .

Interior design has changed a lot over the years but of course, some people may still prefer a certain style to another. I really love the minimal, typical Scandinavian style. What are your preferences?

What do you think are future trends coming into interior design? Comment below!





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