Story Time || My First Tinder Date Wasn’t So Bad!

Tinder is the one place I never thought I could openly say I joined. Mostly because, as we all know & most probably have presumed, tinder is where you go to hook up with random people, its for the lonely & sad people and most of all, you can never build a great relationship from this site.

Well I wasn’t about to jump into those conclusions without trying it out myself.

As a single lady who just moved into a new city, I thought, why the heck not? I signed up, selected my good enough pictures and got to swiping.

My thoughts while swiping were : As long as they don’t look like a serial killer, its all good.

I had a few matches within the first few minutes, and after about an hour, I set up my first date.  Boy was I nervous. I started thinking of all the possibilities where this could go wrong and I can say I had a mini heart attack.

Remember in this post? How I take at least an hour to get ready? – well I took two.

I even thought of cancelling, but the non-quitter in me pushed me further. Great thing was that we were meeting for drinks so I didn’t have to worry about losing an appetite.

We met at a great wine bar and immediately got to talking. I thought to myself, wow this isn’t so bad ; why was I panicking so much?

We talked a lot about his culture (he is from Hungary, by the way) and I got to discover new information about Hungary and even Budapest trip hacks and all of that.

After a few hours – I could say that the date  lasted about 4 hours -, I was exhausted and had to head home. He paid for the drinks and I was dreading the age long question I read that most guys from tinder would ask : “Would you love to head back to my place?”


I tell y’all, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was he a gentle man, he was friendly, we had a proper conversation and a generally good night.

So this is me saying to you that you should not knock anything till you try. I’m not saying you won’t have bad experiences though, but you’ll never know if you don’t take the risk.

Have you been on a tinder date? How was your first experience?


  1. I’ve been on Tinder but yet to get the courage to actually go on a date! Haha. It’s good to hear your first Tinder experience was a good one! 🙂


  2. By the time tinder came around, I was already in a relationship, so I’ve never done it. But I love hearing tinder stories! Glad your date wasn’t skeezy. That’s also a great way to get another perspective on your new city!!


  3. I’ve never been on a Tinder date before (I met my boyfriend through a mutual friend haha) but I actually think it’s a great way to meet people as you get older. I’m glad you had a great first experience! I went to a friend’s wedding and they met on Tinder. When her dad made a speech he was saying how she was first embarrassed to tell him they met on Tinder so she initially lied and said they met at a bar. Her dad said, “Why did you think I would be more okay with you guys meeting sloppily at a bar than getting to know each other through messages slowly before meeting each other in person?” It’s so true.

    That said, isn’t it kind of sad that this day and age you have to give a guy a pat on the back for NOT being sleezy and asking to take you home? That should be a given but because enough men choose to be sleezy we have to elevate men who don’t do that (how they should be anyways) to “gentleman” status.

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    1. So right girl, in this day and age it is quite sad that we have to praise the gentlemen for being polite and absolutely respectful towards us. With tinder as well, you could meet many douchebags which makes us praise the ones who don’t act as such. I’m happy your friend was lucky, and her dad is so understanding!


  4. I have not heard of Tinder date before, this is so interesting to know about. I am glad everything went on well.


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