Yes people, wearing a skirt for me is news. This is because you almost never catch me in one. And now that I think about it deeply, I realize I may not have had such strong reasons for not wearing one.

So on this day, I decided to fight my fears and wear a mid length skirt.

It is summer, and the weather is almost killing a sister. Which is how I came about this haircut you’re also seeing. I have also not been on very short hair for the longest time so you can imagine, I fought two fears in one 😁

Anyhoo! I paired this skirt with an absolutely lacy, see through top because, the heat. The heat is a lot!

I really liked the combination and I hope you do too!

My experience on this day, dressing as girly as possible with a boyish haircut was incredible if I may say. I kept itching to go back home and put on a wig. I just didn’t like my face, so bare. Without hair.

Even this photoshoot was a long one because it took a lot of time to get comfortable in my skin. Wearing a skirt that is not so fitted and isn’t mini nor absolutely sweeping the ground can do this to me.

Thankfully, after all of the struggles, I decided I had to put these pictures out there.

I said to myself, “life is short, go get it girl.”

So the moral lesson to take from this post is : Don’t let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game. 

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Be adventurous and you could learn a lot from your experience.

Outfit details :

Top : thrifted

Skirt : Reserved

Shoes : Bershka

Sunnies : 6ix

What do you think of my outfit? Leave your thoughts below! www.theashtreejournal.com


  1. I know you could be much more comfortable if I compare with your other pictures. You look fab as always, confidence is key! Muah


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