As you may have read in my recents posts, I’ve been all about trying new things and living the best life.


And it has been great so far!

One time, some weeks ago, my friend asked me to join her for a sushi date at a Japanese restaurant and I was excited to try.

I tried sushi one time before, but I didn’t like it at all. It guess it was just a wrong first impression. 

So I said to myself, let me try it one more time.
 My first impression of Japanika ( Located in Budapest City) was the cool ambience from outside which was a mix of traditional Asian with modern art and the interior décor was really nice. When you enter, you feel right at home. The waitress welcomed me in a very nice and friendly way and this was amazing because I take customer service very personal and if I am not treated well, best believe I’m walking right out the door- very dramatic, I know 😀


We got around to menu checking and since I wasn’t so hungry, I ordered a gin & tonic and then decided to have just starters and share a portion of sushi with my girl.

For starters, I had spring rolls with chicken. It was super tasty. I have never had a bad experience with spring rolls and I was sure this was not going to be my first bad experience.


It was a bit smaller in size and quantity than I expected though. I thought there were going to give me at least 6 pieces (lmao or am I just being greedy?).

Next up, our sushi arrived and it looked gooooooooooood! I immediately got over my fear for sushi and even while we personalized our order (it contained smoked salmon, avocado and carrots), the amazing waitress took time to explain the contents of the food and also the sauces to go with it and the best one to try!


I tried all the sauces, and indeed the teriyaki sauce was a bit too sweet (as the waiter said it would be), didn’t try the mayonnaise though because I am not the biggest fan of mayo. I also tried it with wasabi and wok sauce My best was with the wok sauce. Lol

The sushi wasn’t bad at all and I loved that I gave sushi another chance in my life haha.

The prices were a bit moderate and the food was worth it. I ended up spending about 2770 Hungarian forints (about 9-10 euros) which I think is pretty decent for the meal.


Something tells me I will be back to this place and I’ll be sure to let you guys in on what else I look forward to trying.

If you are in Budapest, check out their website here


Have you tried sushi before? What food did you have a bad impression with at first but ended up loving? Share with me in the comments below!img_7235

*Not a sponsored post


  1. Aw I’m so glad you gave sushi another try! It’s definitely an acquired taste and it takes time to adjust to the texture/flavor. My boyfriend was the same way- but I slowly introduced different ones to him little by little and now, hes obsessed and craves it more than I do. If you love seafood, I would definitely try some with shrimp because that’s always cooked no matter what but salmon is a definitely favorite of mine!

    xo, JJ


    1. Thank you Jenny! It’s so true, it’s definitely an acquired taste! I’d definitely try some shrimp ones too- always gotta love salmon though, yay to your boyfriend finally getting on the sushi train haha.


  2. My first impression was fucked up. But after reading this post, I’ll most likely try sushi one more time. I love you so much Ashley ❤️


  3. I’m craving sushi so bad after seeing these photos haha! I once had food poisoning really bad from sushi so that put me off for a while. But when you find a really good sushi bar, it’s hard to resist 🙂


  4. Good for you for trying it even when you weren’t sure! I LOVE sushi – I could eat it weekly!! But I love fish in pretty much all forms, so raw doesn’t phase me. Here’s to lots more eating adventures!!


  5. I love sushi! Good on you for giving it another shot, it’s so worth it. Ohh just thinking about it is making me hungry!


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