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how to prepare lips for a matte lipstick

Matte looks are one of my favorite types, but it can sometimes be difficult to create and maintain. Today, I want to share the ways I prep my lips before I apply a matte lipstick or lip color.

Achieving  a good matte look can be very daunting when you don’t follow the necessary steps. Sometimes it can leave your lips looking patchy, or the product wouldn’t last all day.

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Here are the simple ways to prepare your lips for a great matte look :


To prepare your lips for any lipstick, be it gloss or matte, you have to exfoliate first.

Regular exfoliating of the lips is super important, especially if you wear a matte lipstick. Trust me, there’s nothing more cringe worthy than matte lipstick on dry lips. Every dry patch and line will be highlighted and that’s not such a great look.

My best way to exfoliate is by using a simple lip scrub which can be homemade or bought from a drug store.  My simple homemade combo is granulated sugar with some olive oil.



  •    HYDRATE

After exfoliating, I love to use a bit of lip balm or Vaseline to give my lips some hydration. Matte products can be a bit dying so it’s always a good idea to add a little bit of hydration before application.

Just make sure to apple just a little amount as you want your matte product to stay on and not end up slipping away after you apply it.



A trick I finally learned was to always line my lips with a lip liner of the same shade of lipstick before applying a matte lip product. This has really helped me to get a neater look, and also help the product last longer.

how to prep your lips for a matte lipstick



When you apply a matte lipstick, avoid rubbing your lips together. This is because rubbing your lips together will not create a fine finish. Instead, you should use a lip brush to spread out the product evenly and add more coats as needed to give it an even finish.


the ash tree journal matte lipstick

On my lips : 

MAC lip liner in Boldly bare

Maybelline lipstick in coffee caramel (740)

Beyond beauty matte lipstick in nude number 18

What steps do you take before you apply your lipstick?



  1. sugar with honey is also a great exfoliator, I also love the aftertaste and the smooth feeling of the honey on my lips, great post! I am always kinda bored of doing these steps when it comes to liquid lipstick, although I know I have to.. ​


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