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Hi lovelies!

Summer is finally coming to an end and while I’m slightly happy with the fact that I no longer have to roast in the sun, I will miss wearing short dresses and feeling lighter with lesser clothing.

To say goodbye to summer, I decided to share my favorite things about the summer through a “summer loving tag”. 

So grab a cup and let’s reminisce over our favorite things from summer ’17

Fav. Summer perfume :

I loved so many perfumes this last summer but the one I kept going back to was the “Pure White Linen – Light Breeze” by Estée Lauder. It has a floral and light breezy scent which was perfect for the summer.

Favorite lip color :

This summer was about nudity and I didn’t pass up the opportunity to sport a nude lip color where ever I went. My favorite nude lip color, as seen in this post was with the nude lippie from maybelline in coffee caramel.

Favorite drink :

Of course, from my Instagram stories and my monthly favorites post, you can tell that the Starbucks caramel popcorn Frappuccino was my absolute favorite drink this summer. I was so obsessed with it.

Favorite blush :

Not really a big “blush” user but when I reach for a blush I always go for this blush by Meis cosmetics which I got from a beauty supply store.

Favorite clothing item :

Dresses! This summer gave me a chance to wear my favorite dresses and I particularly loved this one from Bershka.

Favorite food :

​When it comes to food I can’t say I had a particular one I kept going back to, or which was my favorite. I did like that I tried new food and new recipes. I think the best was ramen soup, I binged on a lot of berries and couldn’t pass up any opportunity to eat cake!

Favorite movie :

This summer I went to the cinema a lot and got a good dose of movies. My favorites were :

The Mummy, Wonder woman, Spider-Man: The Homecoming , Alien: The covenant, and finally, “IT”.

I also binged watched series on Netflix. I finally finished the vampire diaries and yeah, I wasn’t impressed at the ending. My favorite series discovery was Designated survivor and I thought it was a pretty good show.

I would love to hear what your summer favorites were from these categories. So let’s have a chat in the comments below!

See you soon, Fall.


  1. cool post! I think my favourite things from the summer have been clearing out my wardrobe properly for the first time in ages so I’m all set for the winter, the new ciate metallic lip glosses and getting outside to do lots of photography!

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