The 5 || Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Today, I woke up with my once in a while positive mindset and after struggling to balance my life last week, I decided to take charge and remain positive from this week.

Have you ever thought hard about the things that make YOU happy? I’m not sure I have, and that’s pretty sad to me. Our world is so busy and chaotic that we sometimes dwell in the sad things rather than what we enjoy and love!

To set things in motion and channel positive vibes this week, I decided to list out the things that make me happy at the moment.


I love taking pictures and having my pictures taken. I just realized that whenever I have a camera in my hand, I am at my happiest in that moment. The pictures almost never come out perfect, but I am an optimist and I’m never afraid to try and try till I get the right shot.


Sigh. I know you’ve heard it all, but I love fall. I am a very medium person which means I love things – especially the weather, in moderation. The summer here is too hot, and the winter is well, too cold. Fall is just the perfect season because I love all the vibes and food and drinks and the fact that I can wear sweaters to school without sweating like a cow and dying of a heat stroke at the end of the day.

Read all about the reasons why I love fall here : #The 5  || Things I love about Fall 🍃🍂


Coffee has slowly creeped back into my life as I have began school and now, I look forward to starting my day with a good cup of cappuccino or Americano. I’m sorry mum, I know I said I quit -hehe runs away.


“One thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain.”- Drake.

Or someone who sang those lyrics.

Music is my go to in times of sadness and uncertainty. I have been loving a lot of playlists these days. I’m thinking I should start sharing it over on my Instagram (@theashtreegram) , follow me if you haven’t!


This past weekend, I had an amazing time with my close friends whom I didn’t see for about 3-4 months. There was so much fun and laughter and catching up and this reminded me that good friends will always lift your spirit no matter what. I had an amazing dinner and wine with them and it was a good way to relieve the stress.

It seems that there are so many things going wrong in the world, and that makes it so easy to feel down and depressed. But once you take a look at everything that you have been so blessed with, that’s when everything may start to make sense. You start to realize your worth and importance.

So I challenge you, what are the 5 things that make you happy right now? Comment below and let’s be happy together!

Love always,


What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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