Lifestyle || 5 Ways To Create A Good Morning Routine That Works!

Hey hey lovelies!

Whether you’re a student or working, waking up in the morning has to be one of the most difficult things to do. When the alarm goes off, naturally, the first thing we I do is hit the snooze button – am I right or AM I RIGHT?

However, research has shown that the most successful people in the world have a secret that has helped them look forward to mornings.


In my opinion, morning routines do not have to be overly complicated. You just have to learn what works for you and stick to it.

Here’s 5 ways I get myself ready for the day!


As soon as I wake up, I immediately head over to the bathroom and start by brushing my teeth. This ensures that I am fully awake as the mint in the toothpaste helps to kick-start my brain to start the day. After brushing my teeth, I hop into the shower and then proceed to start my face routine. Everything usually takes me about 15 minutes to complete.



Making the bed is usually the first thing most people swear by, but I’ll be honest. Some days, I don’t even bother. However, on those days when I have the correct energy to try, I do it and now I can say that I  have been able to form a habit of making my bed, religiously for the past month. Laying my bed in the morning helps to get my blood flowing and pumps up my energy for the day. I consider it a mini cardio exercise, which kick starts my blood flow and helps to awaken the rest of my body cells. Okay, wut?


No lie. Sometimes, I believe that having music in the background can influence your speed on getting ready – I.E. it makes you slower, I also think it sets the right mood for the day. On days when I can execute this morning routine accordingly, I just pop on one of my favorite playlists on Spotify while I’m getting ready, and I’m good to go!


To reduce the stress of deciding and looking for what to wear every morning, I usually lay out my outfit for the next day, the night before.

Also, – and this might sound a bit weird I prepare most parts of my breakfast before the next day. For instance, if I am having an oatmeal for breakfast, I measure out the quantity of oats & milk ratio and set them aside with a bowl so the next day, I just pop it into the microwave. This saves me a lot of time.


This is for one of those days when we wake up later than usual (which has almost become everyday in my case).

I “multitask” my time. So, when I wake up 15 minutes later than usual, I know I still have to get ready but now I have less time to get everything done. I make my breakfast (as described above) and while it is in the microwave, I take the quickest shower of my life.

As soon as breakfast is done, I let it cool while moisturizing my body and getting my face routine done. And while I am eating, I use that time to put on makeup or dress my hair.

I know, this is less than ideal for most people but some days are not as elegant as we would want it to be.

These are a few ways I get my self ready in the morning. Could you relate to any method? or do you have your special ways to get ready? Let me know in the comments section below!

34 thoughts on “Lifestyle || 5 Ways To Create A Good Morning Routine That Works!

  1. I’m a huge fan of getting everything ready the night before. I’ll pack my bag for work, pack my lunch, even pull out clothes! That’s been the best thing for me to be ready for the day in the morning.


  2. When I was in school, I would get my outfits ready the night before! I’ve never done this in my professional life though. I actually plan it out in my head before falling asleep! But these are all great tips Ash, thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. I have to prepare most of my things the night before such as packing up my purse, preparing lunch, and picking out an outfit because I will be scrambling in the morning!


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