Lifestyle || Updates On Ash #5

Hey darlings!

First of all, happy November! It’s only two months left in 2017, can you imagine how fast time flies?!

Okay. In today’s post, I will be updating you all on my life, currently. I know this is your favorite segment so I’ll be sure to spill the deets as much as I can!

Grab your tea, and lets catch up!

Currently, I am ;


Tees, Jeans and soon, Jackets. Its beginning to get cold so this is appropriate. Winter is already knocking as I can feel it getting older. Today, the temperature dropped to about 6 degrees. What?!

Admiring  :

All the Halloween costumes this year. I really love the creativity everyone pulled this year and while I have nothing to show for it, I just love to sit in the background and admire. Here are a few of my favorites :


Wishing :

I was currently on an island sipping some cocktails. I’m currently in the middle of writing midterms and I can’t help but wonder what my life would be like if I was already rich and I wasn’t in school at the moment.

If only wishes were horses, right?


Determined to :

Get better with school work, gotta keep those grades up. Wish me luck!

Craving :

I won’t lie, all I have been craving for the past month is just sleep. And more sleep. I can never sleep enough, can I?

Excited to :

Get through the week without hassles! Also, I am back to the gym. Thanks to my flatmate who wouldn’t just let her friend stay home and sleep and gain more weight, lol. I’m excited to lose all that extra weight by Christmas. Hashtag looklikehotsaucebychristmaschallenge.

Feeling :

Pretty good about myself. I feel overwhelmed sometimes by the amount of things I have to get done, but I just have to relax & take it one step at a time.

Appreciating :

Children, childhood and all its perks. It’s like adulthood is such a scam. Why did I want to grow up again?

Using :

My phone. A lot! Also, coconut oil. I love it. 

Watching :

Drop dead diva.

Image result

I cringe first before I tell people what I’m currently watching because, I’m always known for watching the weirdest shows. But hey, drop dead diva is actually good! Jane is kind of my spirit animal. Just like Mindy, in “the mindy project“. Another favorite show of mine!

Who else is watching or has watched drop dead diva?

Listening to :

A lot of indie, and soft pop music. Its getting colder, which calls for more ballads and songs that make me feel warm. Love it! 

Reading :

“The Smart Money Woman” by Arese Ugwu.


If you love your friend, relative or yourself, read & share this book. It is the best book I have read this year and it has helped me open my eyes to so many financial mistakes I have been making. Well written.

If you want a copy, please email me at and I’ll mail it to you!

Planning :

Lots of blog posts, November has to be good on the blogosphere. Also, to read early for my exams so I don’t end up too stressed out when the time comes.


And with this,  I bring this lovely post to a close. What have you been up to lately? Let me know in the comments section!


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  1. I loved reading your life update. I agree with you on sleep, I have been craving it so much since last few weeks.


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