Product Review : The “House Of Tara” Total Coverage Concealer – Yay Or Nay?

Remember that one time, earlier this year, when I was sent some amazing House of Tara products?


Well, I am here to give y’all the verdict on one of them : The total coverage concealer.


It is called ” Tara total coverage concealer”

This concealer comes in a beautiful and minimal packaging with 3.8g (0.134Oz) of product.

It does contain a lot of ingredients including water, titanium dioxide, methylparaben and propylparaben. (I have heard something about parabens not being good for your skin, but I haven’t done enough research on that, so I won’t panic. Yet.) 

It promises total coverage when using it as your make up.

My Experience, using it : 

This concealer is really great in my opinion. I have compared it with even the ‘la girl pro’ concealer and I find myself reaching for the Tara one, almost everytime. It has a matte feel when applied, and blends in very well.

I use the shade “fefew” – Lets talk about the naming of their shades though, how cool are they? 


Pros : 

  • It DOES give full coverage which I absolutely appreciate!
  • The design is so minimal. Simple is always better. Right?
  • It is small, so it’s very portable to carry. No need to carry a whole pallette when packing up your makeup bag.
  • The mode of use is so easy. You just have to roll it up like a lipstick. Nice. 
  • It is moderately priced. It retails for about N3,200 (€7-€8/$8-$9) on the House Of Tara website and it may be cheaper through their personal distributors (Eloho, for instance. If you are in Europe! ) 

Cons : 

  • The product content is too small. I mean less than 4 grams of a product seems a bit small, right?
  • It can be harder to blend out, when left to dry on the face.

Would I Purchase this product? 

Yes I would, it’s one of the good concelears our thereband I also love that it’s a nigerian brand. Yay to Nigerian brands doing good stuff!

So that’s it on this product review, have you tried out House of Tara before? What are your favorite concealer brands? Let me know in the comments below!



What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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