Thanksgiving : A Pretty Long List Of All The Things I’m Thankful For In Life

Thanksgiving day is this week and while I can’t say I have had the best November, it’s always imperative to stay positive and remain grateful through anything and everything.

Without further chit chat, here are all of the things I’m thankful for, this year!

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I AM :

  • Thankful for birthdays and new beginnings.
  • Thankful for scars and the stories that come with them.
  • Thankful for the changing seasons, which reminds me that truly, nothing is permanent.
  • Thankful for death and lessons that we only live once, and life can end in an instant- sometimes you don’t even get the chance to prepare for your end.
  • Thankful for all the failures, they make us appreciate our accomplishments.
  • Thankful for time and its ability to slowly heal all wounds.
  • Thankful for hands that work, create and recreate.
  • Thankful for a sound mind that always finds a way to stay calm amidst all the pressure.
  • Thankful for great friends that are always ready to chat and have some wine, but still know when to leave you alone.
  • Thankful for people who show you that you really CANNOT trust everyone.
  • Thankful for sunsets, because it shows us that even endings can be beautiful.
  • Thankful for chances. Chances to turn our life around, once we get them.
  • Thankful for God, and his unending love and favor.
  • Thankful for the best parents and siblings ever.
  • Thankful for a sweet and amazing future husband who makes me feel warm, inside and out, everyday.
  • Thankful for the occasional poverty life hits me with, it reminds me to stay humble.
  • Thankful for the spirit of contentment.
  • Thankful for protection. God’s protection.
  • Thankful for school, and the occasional stress, it reminds me that I have a role to play in life now, and someday in the near future.
  • Thankful for Netflix, for times when I want to drown myself with movies and entertainment.
  • Thankful for Spotify, for keeping me company and producing amazing playlists!
  • Thankful for beautiful artistes that are always sharing their work.
  • Thankful for fellow blogger friends and support groups that keep you motivated in this blogging world.
  • Thankful for amazing readers and people who always leave thoughtful comments behind. ❤️

What are you thankful for? Let’s have a chat in the comments section


What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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