Foodlovin’ : 6 Nigerian Food Blogs I Live For!

Since I love food so much, it’s no secret that I follow a lot of food blogs and Instagram pages.

Today I want to share some of my favorite ones, specifically focused on Nigerian food and recipes. And without further ado, let’s get to it!


Foodace is one of the first Nigerian blogs I followed when I picked interest in food blogging. I discovered her through a friend’s snapchat who purchased her food spices and since then I have been hooked! Her Instagram feed keeps me hungry forever with mouth-watering, beautiful images of food and her instastories are just as amazing. Real time coking? Yes please!

Blog : HERE



Ronke, my love (famz). The way she shares her various forms of Nigerian recipes is just amazing. Plus, she has the best way to eat and LOSE weight all with the “Loose it nigerian” diet which includes healthy nigerian meal plans and recipes.




Thelma with the good good! When she started posting pictures of food on her timeline in 2015 or so, I knew this girl was gonna be even more amazing!(again, famz!)

Now her food photography is just on another level, and her recipes especially for the holidays just keep on getting interesting. Also, she made me love english breakfast more!

Blog : HERE



There was a picture of a neat breakfast platter that caught my eye, one Saturday morning on my explore page, and BAM! That was how I was sucked in. I really love how wholesome her dishes look. She might just make me eat custard or akara one day too, and I don’t even like those foods.

Blog : HERE



SisiYemmie is not just my favorite food blogger, she’s my favorite…everything! Her recipes are super easy and her coconut rice recipe is to die for! Also, I learned how to make jollof rice base from her YouTube!

Blog : HERE



Healthy eating, healthy living. Again, amazing variety of recipes and meal plans for beginners up to experts. I just love how she simply describes how to do everything so easily and healthily. Also, for days when I feel like eating my traditional (Efik) meals, I go straight to her page!

Blog : HERE

And that’s it for my favorite Nigerian food blogs and Instagram pages I follow, Do you have a favorite blog? Let me know what your favorite food  blogs are in the comments section!

33 thoughts

  1. I’m just wondering how you managed to write this post without salivating so much. The food photography is so bomb! Yes, to Nigerian food!


  2. I really like Thelmzkitchen, her food photography is amazing and she’s always happy to answer questions if you DM her. She’s helped me a couple of times. And of course, Sisi Yemmie is bae. Love her recipes. Great post, all the bloggers you mentioned sound so amazing. xx
    Coco Bella Blog


  3. Drooling over all these! Bookmarking these, because I’m all about some good food! Plus, now that I live in a small town I’m constantly learning to cook food from all over the world because I can’t find it in restaurants here. 🙂


  4. This post made me hungry – they all look so yummy! Not a Nigerian food blog, but I love From Me to Vuu. She used to develop recipes for PF Changs, and she’s amazing!


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