My Travel Photo Diary : Moments From Blagaj,Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thanks to Pinterest and organized travel trips, I have been able to capture the beauty and gorgeousness of this little village, while visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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It is a short drive from Mostar, so it was just perfect to depart as early as 8am and beautiful to watch the sunrise, the general landscape was dreamy and I loved every bit of my early morning tour there.

Here are about 105 a few pictures from my Blagaj trip!

On the streets down to the river, these are the amazing views you will see!

First is The Dervish House : Tekija Blagaj. I didn’t get the opportunity to go in and explore but I’ve heard it’s a place that was built for the Dervish cults and it sits at the base of a very steep cliff where the Buna river starts. The Monastery is open to tourists but rituals still occur here.

To be honest, going here without any knowledge of the place and without a tour guide was a bit sad. But I got to read up about the town later, this made me appreciate it even more.

Walking along the street still leading up to the river, I stopped to purchase some fridge magnets which were the cheapest I’ve ever bought in any city. It was only 1 euro!!!!

If you’re really hungry, have no fear. There are a variety of restaurants along the way, although none were open since it was still so early in the morning.

Leading up to the river, were beautiful sights and landscapes. I can’t even say how much I just loved that moment of just being around nature.

The water was extremely cold too, of course I still had to touch it, because why not? Haha!

If you’re looking for more to do in Blagaj, you have to visit the old Blagaj fort which is so high up the mountain and takes about an hour to hike up there. Fun!

More pictures from the Buna river tour :

And viola! The best travel post I’ve ever written , lol. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

I also visited Sarajevo and Dubrovnik. I will share those soon!




  1. These are so beautiful pictures, all the places look so amazing. I really liked reading and looking at your travel journey.


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