Style : Corduroys Are Back And Here’s How To Wear & Love Them!

One thing I absolutely love about fashion is that, it is one big circle. Something which was so famous years ago, started making huge comebacks and getting more and more popular again, and we are talking about Corduroy!

Why is it called corduroy?

The word ‘corduroy’ derives from the French ‘corde du roi’, meaning cloth of the king. Also, did you know? The Oxford English Dictionary cites 1774 as the earliest date of use of the word ‘corduroy’.
Margaret Howell Fall 2017, Tory Burch Fall 2017, Paul & Joe Fall 2017; Images: Imaxtree

Although this retro style has been a fall/autumn basic for a long time, we haven’t seen it a lot of it in the last few years. We always see the cousin, velvet. Now it has made a big comeback on runways in fall 2017 in beautiful, autumnal colors, and it’s one of the biggest trends this fall/winter.

In this post, I have collaborated with Chums, a website which has been focused on providing men’s and women’s clothing products that are a cut above the rest.

You can buy can buy almost anything in corduroy : from skirts to suits to dungarees and even shirts or hats. And now, I’m gonna tell you ways in which you can style, or wear corduroy this season!


Here are 4 ways to wear cords this winter season!

There are tons of ways we can include corduroy into your winter/autumn wardrobe.

The Suit

Head-to-toe color is dominating street style this season. Grab a two-piece, whether it’s a relaxed number to go with a band T-shirt and white sneakers, or a more tailored option with heels and statement jewelry.
Photo: Silvia Olsen/REX/Shutterstock

As a jacket :

The good thing about corduroy is that this piece has no rules. Wear it structured or as loose as you like, and layer it over whatever you want to. Jeans and a white tee? A high-neck floral dress? A blouse and pleated skirt? It looks good regardless.
image :

For men :


Whether you go all out like the ’70s and pair your trousers with a bright shirt, a chunky sweater, or with a contrasting shirt/ or a normal t-shirt like what John Boyega has on above, today’s Corduroy is really in the favor of men and I’m here for it.

You can have sporty, streamlined, even get a little swaggy. It’s definitely anything opposite of what you think your granddad wore back then.

Also, you can wear it as a tailored blazer or waistcoat as seen on the Chums website.

Mix Textures :

One of the best parts about corduroy pants is they are full of texture. Texture is fun after all. Take them one step further and mix your cord texture with a complete opposite texture.You can match it with a leather boot, maybe a frayed suede jacket, or a thin silk and lace top. The key is to make sure that each texture compliments the other, though you have to be careful not to add so many different textures that you look like you threw on the first three items you found in your floor. Talking to myself here. hehe

With all these tips given, you can shop your favorite Corduroy clothing here on the Chums website .

Will you be wearing Corduroy this winter?


  1. Never thought Corduroy would ever come back! I hated them as a kid but now I see how it may appeal to my fashion. You should buy a piece and style it!

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