My January Monthly Favorites & The Ultimate Quote For February.

Before I begin this post, I have to apologize for being MIA on this space for the longest period since I started blogging, because this consistency of a thing is something I planned to start in January but oh BOY have these past couple of weeks been busy?!! Or lazy??

Anyhoo! I’m back and I’m better. And in today’s post, were gonna round-up January and the quote to stick to, for February.

January Monthly Favorites:

Favorite song : Kendrick Lamar ft. ZACARI – Love. I have listened to this song so many times that my Spotify may hide it away and suggest other songs. Kendrick is a superstar.

Watch here on YouTube

Favorite movie : I got my hands on a few old movies this month, my favorite movie I watched this movie was Thor. With the hype of the newly released sequel,Thor : Ragnarök, I just knew I had to catch up by starting from the very first.

Eats :

theashtreeournal.comVietnamese food overdose. Thanks to my wonderful friend from Vietnam, I had the chance to binge on traditional food from Vietnam & my fave was the pho. I also got to try it homemade and now, I suggest that you try pho at least once in your life. I have to tell her to make more for me because as I write this post, I am more hungry.

Beauty :

theashtreejournal.comThe Body Shop seaweed skin care range. I just started using the range this month and its been soothing to my skin, especially during the winter period.

YouTube :

the ash tree journal monthly faves

I particularly loved the Jubilee channel and you should check it out here if you like. This is my favorite part on the channel, Candid confessions.


Favorite links this month :

Bimzy’s blog post on ingrown hairs.

Paddy Adenuga’s inspirational story

This inspirational post by one of my favorite bloggers, Elle.


We all know that February is the month of love. So I encourage us to hold extra tight to the ones you love, and be extra intentional in loving everyone you come in contact with. Love with intention, show yourself love, and be kind to everyone around you.

Love Quote |

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How was your January??



  1. great post, I would love if you got back to consistent posting of DIYs, motivational and beauty posts. I always loved those!
    Love from a good fan. xo


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