DIY : Cleaning Solution With Citrus Peels {Collaboration}

Today’s post is a collaboration with Zowie Ashton, a blog writer and an owner of an after tenancy cleaning agency. She loves to explore the internet for fresh DIY ideas and is a huge fan of everything related to craft.

Read further for great ways to use citrus peels to keep your home clean!


Citrus peels are the things that you tend to throw away when you have just finished enjoying gorgeous fruits like lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruits. These fruits’ peels are not just a cute cover of what there is inside, they are more versatile than you first might have thought.

The peels of a citrus fruit can be put to use in many areas in your daily life. From a cheeky snack that you can munch on, when especially prepared with certain recipes, to a super healthy and very handy solution for cleaning.

Let us begin with the easier and quicker techniques and gradually move on to the more “complicated” ones. Just kidding, there is nothing complicated here. The execution of every cleaning idea will be a piece of cake.

  • If you want to get rid bad smells that linger, you will need lemon peels.

Put a few of those in your trash bin and they will kill off the bad smell and give it a fresh subtle fragrance. Just make sure that the trash bin is completely empty before you put the peels, otherwise you will literally just throw them away. It would be hilarious, but don’t do it.

  • Do you want your cat to stop urinating in your plants? Then scatter a few orange peels in the pots.

That will keep the cat away. If you are feeling festive, you could just use tinsel. My cat was scared of tinsel so I’m assuming it would work. If you are having some pest problems, more specifically ants coming into your home, then find where they are coming out of and put some lemon peels there. This works to repel cockroaches and flees as well.

  • This is a really cool trick to rid your microwave of lingering smells from warmed up leftovers or burnt pop-corn.

Just add a few lemon peels in a bowl, fill it half way with water and place it in the microwave. Set the oven for five minutes on full power and leave the water to boil and condense inside. After the ding, or beep, take the bowl out and wipe out inside the microwave anything that remains.

We all know that vinegar is an amazing cleaning solution and it is a healthy substitute for some of those aggressive products from the store.

The only flaw in vinegar is that everything that is cleaned with it smells like salad dressing. A lot of people don’t enjoy the smell of vinegar so that is why we mix it with citrus peels.They replace the smell and add a fresh, lovely fragrance. With the peels added, not only does your home made product have a nice smell, it gains a few more cleaning features and becomes stronger.

  • Give your home a lovely fragrance without buying faulty air-fresheners.

Mix up dry citrus peels with herbs, spices and flowers (also dried). Place them in a container, add a few drops of essential oils and leave it to settle for two to three weeks as you stir them everyday. In the end you will end up with your own potpourri.

A much faster solution would be to set a pot of water on the stove and add a few orange peels with some herbs and spices in it and let it simmer. This will release and spread a pleasant fragrance around your home.

You could also just buy citrus scented candles and add some citrus peels or whole fruits around them for decoration. It’s not exactly do it yourself, but it sticks to the theme.

And that’s it, ways to make use of used up citrus peels other than throwing them away. Do you have other uses for your peels?


  1. Love this idea! I’ve been looking for all-natural cleaning solutions that are really green, but like you said, they ALL smell like vinegar. What a lovely solution!


  2. This post is really great timing because I want to reduce the amount of chemicals I’m using in the home, so I’ve been looking for a DIY cleaning solution… definitely going to give this a try!


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