My February and March Favorites (+ Updates on Ash #6 )

Let’s round up the month of March (+February), including my 6th series of updates on Ash.

Monthly favorites: February + March


The past two months were filled with a lot of music from

  • The Chainsmokers Memories…Do Not Open: If you still doubt Electronic Dance Music as a music genre, then listen to The Chainsmokers. This album is my personal favorite because it encapsulates feelings of regret and narcissm and those spoke directly to me. Listen to the whole album on Spotify here.
  • Black Panther, The Album– Music from and Inspired By : With the release of the biggest Marvel blockbuster movie this February, when I heard about this new Black Panther album, I was beyond excited. What amazes me even more is that most of the production is handled by Kendrick Lamar. My all time favorite song from the album however, is : King’s dead.


Arbonne beauty supplements :

These products were sent to me by Arbonne to try and I have loved the progress so far. They have a wide range of replenishing skincare and these samples proved to be worth the money. A full review is coming soon!


I cooked a lot of meals at home in February so I didn’t eat anything different thatvtge normal rice, veggies and chicken(boring, I know.) from home so didn’t get to try out restaurants.

However with visiting Prague this March, I had so much fun eating street food, Indian food, Mexican food, and Thai food!


Favorite Discoveries / Places :

In February, I discovered an amazing circus next to the heroes square in Budapest. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t take pictures but I plan to head over there with the weather clearing up.

On the other hand, I had the opportunity to visit Vienna again and went on a sightseeing tour to Rathaus, Volkstheater & the Schönbrunn Palace. (travel diary blog post coming soon!). I also visited Prague, which was a terrific idea because I had a great time visiting the old town square, the Franz Kafka monument (which was my personal best by the way), Charles Bridge and so much more. franz

Favorite web links :

Asakemi’s blog. I really love the minimalist look and everything she writes about leaning towards a simple, organic life. This was one of my favorite posts .

Wait But Why. This is another blog which I love, it focuses on real life topics which are so so relatable, I just end up laughing. Check out one of my favorite articles here

Favorite movies :

Black Panther : Of course, February was the month of awesomeness and a lot of hype surrounding the biggest marvel movie ever made! This movie was so so good, I had to watch it again and again! – I won’t give spoilers but if you haven’t watched it yet, please do!

Watch movie trailer here

Red Sparrow : A movie featuring Jenifer Lawrence and shot in the beautiful city of Budapest, this movie was a twist on the usual scenes I associate jenifer with. I loved the screenplay. Again, no spoilers.

Watch movie trailer here

Black Mirror : This series was so much talked about in Twitter that I had to see what the “hype” was about. As soon as I was done with the first episode , I knew I was sold! I have noticed from the mixed reviews from friends that Black mirror isn’t for everybody though, so if you’re not into gory and cringe worthy stuff, don’t even bother. Or bother, you may love it!

Updates on Ash #6

Currently I am :

Wearing : Thick ugly winter jackets. I’m looking forward to spring and when I can wear better and less clothing!



Wishing : For sunshine & motivation to keep blogging! I noticed how winter leaves me so unmotivated and dull. Sunshine, please come quick!

Determined to: Balance my life out. School, work and social life has all been hectic and I hope to get it sorted out this week.

Excited to:  Practice more photography. I have been taking pictures of people and going into street photography. I love the feedback I get every time.

Feeling : Pretty motivated. There’s something about the change of environment, you feel a fresh rush of motivation after a good trip.

Appreciating: My friends who can’t take pictures but still try with me and my perfection. I love you!

Irritated by : Instagram and the constant battle with engagement which has dropped even more in the last month. I want to give up but I love the stupid app. This is just abuse now.

Reading : My nursing textbooks and handouts, lol. This semester requires me to go back to my anatomy and physiology roots. I’m not excited to read those but its necessary so, cant complain.

Planning : More blog posts!!!

Watching : Black mirror, all the Marvel movie series and a lot of Cartoon Network.

Listening to : Currently, I’m listening to Sick boy – The Chainsmokers. See? I told you I was obsessed.

And that’s it people for my updates and monthly favorites!

What are you thoughts? What currently happening in your lives right now? Let me know below!!

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  1. Some amazing favorites, it is always so exciting to see the favorites. Vienna is so beautiful, I am glad you for to go there again. The arbonne supplements sound so good, haven’t tried them but will check them.


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