Motivation : 4 Simple Ways To Start Afresh This Spring!

A fresh start to spring :


In a lot of ways, spring always feels like a perfect time to start afresh in all aspects of our lives. The change of weather and fostering of flowers helps to energize a new mindset.

This new season gives us new opportunities to start brand new once a year (that’s if your new year resolutions ultimately don’t work out- they never do by the way.)

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If the Winter was a rough period for you, I feel you. Here’s how you can make spring a fresh start :

Spring cleaning :

I always like to take spring cleaning  both literally and figuratively. While spring cleaning your home and surroundings is a normal thing, spring is also great for clearing your head of any bad thoughts, habits, grudges or regrets you have been holding on to.

Spread the love :

After cleaning out your closet, old rooms and furniture you don’t need, you may consider giving them out to local charities. Clothing, electrical appliances and other small household goods are always needed by others. So, sort out all the stuff and make a donation you feel good about.

Emotional well-being : 

Winter blues are a thing and we can’t deny that it affects a whole lot of people out there. You (maybe) and I included.  If you’ve been having a stressful time lately, then maybe you should listen to your body and take an emotional break and maybe try to figure out what your body and soul demands.

Do you want to travel? Do you need to be alone and read a book? Do you feel like you need to sort out some relationship woes, family issues or need help unraveling some more complex issues?

Now can a good time to seek help and get that fresh start, and begin indulging in your favorite activities.

Meet up with new people :

Or expand your social circle, as I like to call it. As the weather clears up, many people are ready and more motivated to meet up and socialize. Use online sites (I use Instagram) to find buddies who are interested in your spring activities like jogging, biking, hiking, photography, drinking, karaoke and much more.

George Bernard Shaw once said :  “Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.”

Spring offers you the energy and positivity to do just that, so jump in with both feet and live your best life.


Love & Light,


  1. I love the George Bernard Shaw quote – such a great reminder! I’m 100% with you on expanding the spring clean to mental space. As the weather gets warmer I NEED that reset mentally as much as anything!

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  2. I love that quote at the end! I really like it when seasons change and give us the opportunity to draw a line under the previous month and start again mentally if we need to. Hope you have a fabulous summer babe!

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  3. You really mentioned some nice points which are noted already(smiles)

    You can check out my post that relates to this via

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