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I had my friends over for my birthday which was this past weekend and in the spirit of celebration, we decided to add a brunch date into the mix.

Originally, we all planned to eat at another place, but as the forgetful girl that I am, I didn’t reserve places and we couldn’t get any spaces. It was then a friend suggested “cinnamon” to me.
I follow their Instagram page so I already knew the place was great with great brunch choices. I’m glad I  didn’t hesitate to host my birthday brunch there.

My first impression on arriving to the café was the ambiance. I’m a sucker for small cafes with pretty, minimalistic interior and this didn’t fail to amaze me.

Menu raid :

Cinnamon has a pretty decent menu with different types of food and drinks and even combinations you may want. From sweet to savory breakfast food, you may even get confused on what to eat if you study the menu too long.

Heck, we were all confused and changed our minds severally. Thankfully, the waitress was a sweetheart and was patient enough to change it as many times as we wanted.

We finally all settled on having a menu each.

the ash tree journal cinnamon budapest
Cinnamon breakfast menu (a cinnamon donut and a cup of coffee)
the ash tree journal cinnamon budapest
English breakfast menu
the ash tree journal cinnamon budapest review
Scrambled eggs menu and savory French toast menu with goat cheese and tea

the ash tree journal cinnamon budapest review

We ordered an English breakfast menu, French toast menu, Scrambled eggs menu, Cinnamon breakfast menu

As if I wasn’t already sold by the interior decor, the food was very satisfying! It was fresh from the kitchen, decently portioned and pretty delicious.

The latte was slightly cold but it’s probably because of all the confusion we went through while the barista had already made the coffee.

The orange juice was freshly made, which is a bonus because I realized that when I order orange juice in cafes, they usually turn out to be packaged juice which is poured into the glass and presented as freshly squeezed.

the ash tree journal cinnamon budapest
Cinnamon breakfast menu (a cinnamon donut and a cup of coffee)

After the meal, it was very fun to sit and chat with my friends and take more pictures. It was a generally a cozy and fulfilling experience.

All together, the whole food cost about 20,000 Hungarian forints (about 65 euros) – of which some people may scream that its expensive but it was worth the money, and besides we did order a lot of food. I would definitely return there to have more meals.

Location : Budapest, Csalogány u. 21, 1027

I had a really great time there, looking forward to more brunch experiences there!

What do you think? Do you have a favorite brunch place? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Ashley you looks so refreshed and amazing! I love this review and all the pics are amazing. Happy belated birthday and I’m glad to see you enjoyed it. You’re an inspiration and I pray you keep getting better!

    Dee. xo

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    1. Thank you so much Damian! It’s been so long I saw your comment on my blog. Haha. I hope you’re doing well, I look forward to hearing from you soon. xo


  2. Hey I loved this post Ash! This seemed like a great place and the food looks delicious. Love decor too. You look amazing! Cheers and happy belated birthday girl ❤️

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  3. Ohh how I adore this little place! It bring uniqueness to the world of coffee shops. Even though I have visited Budapest, I’ve never been to this place, but I am sure to check it out once I’m there again 🙂

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