Beauty – I Went Makeup Free For A Month! Here’s What Happened : no makeup challenge no makeup challenge

Whether you put on makeup every day or only on special occasions, there’s no doubt that our favorite products have a transformative effect on the way we look.

I am pro makeup and I love that feeling of confidence from a bottle. But, I asked myself one day: do we really need the temporary fix to get ourselves going? Did I become so used to a made up face that my natural face started to feel foreign when I had to leave my house with it?

I guess the answer to this for me personally was, no & maybe.

I initially started this “challenge” as a personal one. I didn’t announce that I was doing this challenge nor even tell myself it was one. Partly because announcing it would have given me more pressure than I would have liked and also because I was afraid I’d fail the challenge and disappoint whoever was watching from afar.

Alicia keys personally questioned my cultural dependence on makeup and the effect it had on me by being makeup free for most of 2016, inspiring many women to cease their makeup regime and accept their natural faces for what it is. Kim Kardashian also went fresh-faced during Paris Fashion week and after her tweet about how amazing it was that she didn’t have to go through her usual intensive beauty routine, I almost became convinced I could do something like this.

It shouldn’t be that hard, at least that’s what I told myself on Day One of this experiment.

Going a month without makeup should be a cinch.

It was not that simple for me.

Despite my fears, I still went makeup free for one month. What I thought would be an easy peasy feat ended up being a test of self acceptance and confidence. Here’s what I learned from this challenge:

I had more time in the mornings for breakfast.

Or rather, I could sleep extra 30 minutes. Every morning I wake up 30 minutes earlier than I would prefer to, because I have to make time to wear makeup. I go through my usual beauty routine and smear some makeup on my face, only to have it wear off by noon. Also, the transportation route to school involves walking through a busy street with various pollutants in the air, humid temperatures and occasional running to catch the tram or bus. How could a full face survive this?

Going makeup free made me realize how freeing it was to not have to deal with creases and having less time in the morning for my sweet breakfast.

It was hard to not look tired all the time.

Whenever I got out of the house, I feared the questions like: “Why don’t you have on makeup? Why do you look so tired?”

I wasn’t at all surprised at my need to cover my face in the first few days of going makeup free. I didn’t leave home without sunglasses, a hat, or have big hair to conceal the tired look on my face. I feared that my eyes were so swollen (from possible lack of sleep, as usual) and I had no eyeliner nor concealer to hide anything. It wasn’t easy but it got easier. This was what made me certain I was almost addicted to covering up.

theash tree no make up challenge
Day 15 without makeup, I was getting more comfortable. #nofilter

It was a big commitment.

No lies, moving from a time when I couldn’t leave my home without putting makeup on to a time when I had to leave, barefaced was a tad bit difficult. It being a commitment boils down to the fact that, I had to consciously make the decision not to wear any form of makeup, be it a dab of powder, or some lipstick. Because of this, I learned to actively make the decision to stick to what I set my mind on regardless of the consequences (even though the consequences were so minimal).

Going on a date at first was terrifying but got easier.

While I was on the makeup free challenge, there were plans to have dinner with a guy I fancied but going makeup free was absolutely terrifying. When we first met, I had on flawless makeup and all the confidence I needed. So, when we had to meet up again during my “makeup free” period, I was a bit scared that I wouldn’t appear as nice as I did the other times. I soon gathered myself together and asked myself: “are you really scared to see him because of what you think you look like without makeup?” With that, I went on the date!

It’s sad to admit that I was very self-conscious during the conversation. I imagined all my scars and blackheads peeking out and making faces at him. This made me spend a considerable amount of time looking elsewhere.

However, soon into the discussion, my fears had faded away and I was reminded that I looked lovely despite having no makeup on. That made me gain more confidence and encouraged me to continue the challenge #heckyeah #winwin

A skincare routine  was tougher to maintain, but I realized it’s importance.

I would have thought that having less or no makeup on meant more time to concentrate on skin care and build a solid routine. Boy, was I wrong.

Because I wasn’t wearing any makeup, I gradually resulted to just washing off my face before bed and in the shower in the mornings. I didn’t care much about exfoliation, cleansing, and all of that good stuff, simply because I associated prime time skincare with taking off my makeup. As a result, my skin was is even worse than before, I was breaking out every other day and feeling worse because I had no chance to cover it up with makeup.

I did however force myself to get into a skin care routine and it seems to be paying off so far. I also watched my diet closely as I learned that this may have been one of the contributing factors of my breakout, and not necessarily the presence of makeup products on my face.

Eventually, you won’t need makeup with the right skin care routine.

Social media plays a major role in how we view ourselves.

There’s no denying the fact that we humans are more inclined to react to an Instagram story of a girl with a fully snatched face, than to one who’s looking dull and tired. This was one of my concerns as a social media person, going makeup free. It took a while to get used to uploading stories and pictures of myself with  a bare face. With filters however, it helped the transition and after a week or so, I was more than comfortable.

(I even uploaded a travel post where I had no makeup on through the journey). 


On the morning of day 30, I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw. Although I couldn’t be more excited to get back to my favorite beauty products, I knew I didn’t need makeup to feel better about myself, I didn’t need to cover up any blemishes, I just had to focus on making my skin better or just loving the skin in whichever condition it was in.

I even became so used to not wearing makeup that I hardly ever went out with any, after the challenge.

It felt like freedom.

Where do you stand on the to wear or not to wear makeup topic?


  1. I loved this post! I’m pro makeup as well but I love taking breaks from it. Your natural face does feel a bit foreign after wearing it for long periods of time, so I always try to do light to no makeup several times a week. But once I stop wearing it, I start falling back in love with my skin & my flaws.

    Thanks for being so honest & open 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks hun, doing light makeup helps a lot with the transition, I find that I prefer it a lot these days too. After the challenge, I loved the freedom I felt and I hardly ear heavy makeup these days.


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