Product Review : The Perfect Red Lipstick From PUPA Milano

THE PERFECT RED LIPSTICK: PUPA MILANO “I’m Matt Pure color lipstick”.

One of my first encounters with Pupa Milano, a mid range beauty brand that can be found across lots of department stores and malls in Budapest, which originated from Italy, was when a friend told me that they now stocked foundation for African skin tones (this is still a thing in Hungary, not finding the right shade for yourself if you have just a bit of melanin in you), I rushed to get the foundation and it worked so well for so long. It was light weight, blended easily and stayed on!

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The Milan based company is famous for a lot of makeup sets but it’s their more ordinary creations, like the lipstick I’m going to talk about in this post later on that makes me super happy.

While I still love my ruby woo, I figured I couldn’t keep spending almost 7000HUF on lipstick if I want to be able to afford the finer things in life –for instance, food – so I went on the hunt for a more affordable red, matte lipstick that goes with my everyday makeup look and wasn’t greasy, annoyingly pigmented and had just the right finish. It was then I found this baby.

This I’m pupa lipstick comes in about 40 shades in sturdy, chrome packaging which frankly, is a very nice change from the standard black, or solid colored tubes out there.

About this lipstick (Description):

Name: PUPA Milano I’m Matt Pure color lipstick.

Net weight: 123Oz. – 3.5g

Lipstick shade: 071

This lipstick promises to “dress your lips in full, deep color. Velvety and extremely sensory, it glides over your lips without weighing them down or drying them out, with an unexpected comfort that lasts over time” – talk about an ad!


Packaging: It comes in its beautifully signature red box and on opening the box, you are greeted with a beautiful chrome/silver tube which is sturdy but glides and turns perfectly to reveal the Pupa logo engraved on the lipstick bullet.

Consistency: This lipstick is very creamy and lightweight as promised, it applies in seconds straight from the tube – which is good for those days when you absolutely have no time to apply with a little extra energy and time.

The finish is between matte and cream sheen – it starts off really creamy and then mattifies over time.

It is really pigmented and goes on with just one swipe.

Also, this maybe just me but I didn’t notice any smell, which is good if you are sensitive to smells.



The packaging is designed in such a way that you do not see the color or shade number so if you do have more than one of these lipsticks, you may have to open them all up to find the one which you’re looking for, which can be a bit time-consuming or frustrating if I may say.

pupa milano lipstick review the ash tree journal

The lipstick is said to be matte but it’s not as matte as you’d think. Its more creamy than matte but I love it still, so this is a half con.

I also think since this is a creamy lipstick, you may need to apply it more often than you would an actual matte lip stain, maybe every 3 hours or so.



Final rating : 8/10

Would I repurchase this product? Yes, and yes. I am looking to purchase their other lip stains which come with an applicator. Those may be more matte than the lipsticks. We’ll see.

Pricing : They cost just 3,450 Hungarian Forints (approx 12 dollars).


Check out their online store here
Lipstick in natural lighting, only one application.






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