What I Wore : I Fell In Love With Denim Skirts & Here Are 3 Reasons Why


Okay, raise your hand if you threw out your denim skirts back in 2004, and vowed never to wear it again, even in a million years!

I ask this because I did it and never imagined I would grow to love this piece of clothing again, or that it’d even make a comeback in 2018. This year we have denim skirts coming back in a big way. This beautiful garment comes in very modern shapes, lengths, cuts, and colors. There is nothing more relaxed than denim, and the lightweight, breathable fabric is perfect for any summer occasion.

And on this hot summer afternoon, I let my jeans rest in my closet for a bit and swapped it out with a new denim skirt!

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Versatility : A denim skirt makes dressing up so easy with limitless options to create variable looks, so the edgy, girly, classic, casual and all other girls can let their personality shine through! Tuck in a basic tee or tank with a necklace and some sandals/sneakers, your weekend uniform is set. You can also wear it with crop tops, sweaters & blouses. There’s nothing you can’t do with denim skirts.

the ash tree journal


Denim skirts are for all ages (Remember when this was the uniform of busy moms back then, they wore them a lot!) – from little children to older women, this staple can fit all. It’s also easy enough to find a denim skirt in almost every price range.


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the ash tree journal denim skirtnecklacethe ash tree journal denim skirt

the ash tree journal denim skirt
worn with sneakers, for the best comfort 🙂



there are some changes that have been made to the denim skirt that makes it a little different from your old favourite. There’s no more just mini or maxi; the hemlines are longer, reaching either the knee or the middle of the calf. The cuts are different, and there are many more chic styles.

I see a  lot of fashion bloggers and fashionistas  wearing high-waisted options (and so I joined them)  with tops tucked in, and I think this makes them either casual or dressy.


In this post, I simply wore it with a cropped t-shirt and topped it with my favorite accessories. Also, did somebody say raw hemline? Yes please, right over here! The more distressing and disposed a hemline is, the more likely I am to make a purchase.

the ash tree journal denim skirt

Will you be wearing denim this summer? What are your favorite styles?

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