Blogging Q & A : Celebrating Two Years Of The Ash Tree Journal

Whooooo! The Ash Tree Journal is two years old!

How amazing is it that in two years I have been able to consistently do something despite wanting to be lazy and quit? Starting a blog this time, two years ago was from a place of sadness and the need to do something “different”. And so, I sat down, typed and filled up my first blank page and released it into the world with horrible design choices, fairly good pictures and lots and lots of passion.
Since then, blogging in so many ways has changed me as a person and while people still think it’s just writing and putting up pictures on the internet, I’d love to say it’s much more than that. Blogging has taught me the power of networking, staying consistent, putting in hard work and also going out to get what you want. Blogging in its own way too, has given me that extra company for nights when I have absolutely nothing to do, I have used my blog as a tool to learn, share, earn money and once again, network with people all over the world.
So, to those out there who followed my journey from the beginning (and to those who are just jumping in as well), I see you!
Thank you for sticking with this girl who finds it especially hard to stick to a blog layout even after two years but still produces good content and I hope you stick around to see better content and even more.


Now, onto the questions and post for today, I decided to do a bit of a blogging Q&A for you all to give you a bit more insight into why I am blogging and what my process is like! I hope with this general questions you can find some understanding and answers to them! Here they are :

Q: Why did you start blogging?

A: The Ash Tree Journal was birthed from ideas that needed to be shared on a personal space of mine. I also loved to take pictures and document things, I then thought to myself one day, you’re documenting them anyway, why not share it with the world?

Q: What Do You Hope You Accomplish With Your Blog?

A: I aim to hopefully inspire anyone, including myself, to try new things and to live life to the fullest.

Q: What Are Your Favourite Topics To Write About?

A: I love to write about beauty, skin care, living life, motivational/ positive tips, personal experiences, and lately, travel. I love the feedback I have been getting on my travel and lifestyle posts recently so I’m encouraged to write more of that.

Q: Who Are Your Blogger Inspirations?

A: I have always loved Demi Akin, she was one of the first Nigerian bloggers I discovered and I fell in love. She was like, my blog twin. In short words, she’s amazing! Other bloggers that inspire me are Sinead, Asakemi, Mandy, and of course, Victoria! I have a lot more blogs I read and discover everyday, especially with bloglovin’.

P.S : Follow me on bloglovin

Q: Who Takes Your Photos? Do You Have A Professional Photographer Following You Around?

A: Haha, wouldn’t it be a dream to have a professional photographer follow me around taking pictures? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I have my photos taken by friends, fellow photographer friends, and most times, myself. I am still getting the hang of having beautiful and professional pictures both on my blog and Instagram, but I have to work with what I have so far, till I get myself an “Instagram husband”, lol.

Q: What Camera Equipment Do You Use?

A: I use two main equipment for blog photography. One is my iPhone 6s and the other my Nikon D5300 dslr camera with 18-50mm lens. I do incline towards my phone these days because I have learnt how to use it better, but for landscape and outdoor photography, Nikon is my baby.

Q: How do you edit your photos?

A: Snapseed is my best app for editing my photos for the desaturated background, bold foreground look. Although I have been trying my hands on lightroom these days, trying to go along with the preset vibes, Snapseed remains my favorite editing app!

Q: Do you get paid to blog? If so, how do you do it?

A: Blogging and content creating, like many freelance jobs for me, means getting paid sporadically. Yes I get paid to blog, and how it works for me is that I get paid for content writing. For instance, a brand reaches out to me for collaboration purposes, I write for them, they pay me for it. Other times, I get sent free products as compensation with minimal cash. While there are still arguments about getting paid for your work in free products, sometimes, I like to write so much that I accept it. That being said, if I like a brand or company and they offer to work with me I would only do it if I believe in promoting the product/service! Advertisements pay a small bit but I definitely believe you have to be smart to know when to receive free products and when to demand cash payment. Also, if you don’t blog as a full-time job, then the decision-making processes are easier.

And thats it for this little blogging Q&A. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask me in the comment section below or on all my social media!

the ash tree journal

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Welcome to The Ash Tree Journal! I created this blog to share my love for food, life, beauty, fashion and travel to hopefully inspire you to try new things and to live your life to the fullest. The Ash Tree Journal is my simple love story with life!

16 thoughts on “Blogging Q & A : Celebrating Two Years Of The Ash Tree Journal

  1. I’ve just started blogging and still learning the ropes. It does give me something to pour myself in and try to be consistent with something without procrastination totally taking over. I never heard of Bloglovin but will be checking it out, along with the snapseed app. Thanks for these tips!


  2. I love the write ups and the pictures. Hurray!!! It’s two beautiful years of hardwork and perseverance. Have another blissful year of more good works and more lovely write up and beautiful pictures. All the best. I love you.

    Liked by 1 person

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